Top 10 Nutrition Needs Of Elderly People

Nutrition Needs Of Elderly People

Good diet and nutrition are important for the young and old alike. A healthy and nutritious diet helps in improving health and preventing many types of diseases. As the age increases, we start neglecting our diet and take less amount of food. This is not good for you. Neglecting the diet requirements can make you ill. Special diet is needed in old age that can help in addressing the health problems that occur in this age. Some people lose taste and interest in eating food when they become old. It is important to take a nutrient rich diet that makes you healthy. We will tell you about the right diet and nutrition needed in old age.

Following are the top 10 nutrition needs of elderly people

Drink Water

Water is very necessary for people of all ages including the older adults. It helps in hydrating the body and preventing dehydration. Thus, elderly people should increase the intake of water. You should drink more water in summers and while doing exercises. Limit the intake of unhealthy drinks like tea and coffee.

cold water

Take Protein Rich Foods 

It is important for the elderly people to eat protein rich foods. The nutrient helps in the repair and regeneration of damaged body cells. You can get protein by eating pulses and milk. Non-vegetarian people should eat eggs and meat. Always choose lean variety of meats.

Meat and poultry

Take Vitamin C Foods 

Vitamin C is needed for healing of wounds and injuries. The nutrient also helps in absorbing calcium in our body. Elderly people should eat foods that contain this nutrient. The best foods that contain Vitamin C are grapefruit, blackcurrants and citrus fruits like lemon and oranges. Eat these foods.

Citrus Fruits

Take Iron Rich Foods 

The elderly people need Iron to fight anemia and other health problems. Iron deficiency can cause fatigue, weakness and other health problems. Thus, increase the intake of Iron rich foods like spinach, cashew nuts, peanuts, beans, pulses, pumpkin seeds, oysters and seafood.


Take Folate Foods 

Folate deficiency is another leading cause of anemia in older adults. The nutrient is especially important for women. The elderly people should eat foods that contain folate. Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in folate. You can eat fortified foods that contain this nutrient.


Take Calcium Rich Foods 

Calcium is needed for healthy and strong bones. The nutrient helps in preventing and treating bone disorders. Increase the intake of calcium rich foods in old age. Dairy foods like milk, yogurt and cheese are the best sources of this nutrient. Include these foods in your diet.


Take Vitamin D Foods

Vitamin D is another important nutrient for making the bones healthy. Elderly people who don’t get this nutrient suffer from bone diseases like osteoporosis, falls and fractures. Thus, eat foods that contain Vitamin D. Take fortified milk and yogurt. You can also eat tuna and salmon fish.


Take Omega 3 Fat Rich Foods 

The elderly people need Omega 3 fats for preventing and treating diseases. The nutrient is very good for the health of organs like eyes, brain and heart. It prevents arthritis, joint problems and cognitive decline. Fatty fishes are the best sources of this nutrient. Vegetarians can eat flaxseeds.

Fatty Fish

Avoid Salty And Fatty Foods

It is very harmful to eat salty and fatty foods. Elderly people should avoid eating such foods. Salty foods cause hypertension and heart problems. Fatty foods cause obesity, diabetes and other health problems. Don’t eat salty snacks, processed meats, sauces, chocolates, fried foods, desserts and cakes.

Less Salty As Compared To Table Salt

Use Healthy Fats

Instead of using unhealthy fats like butter, you should use healthy fats in cooking the daily foods. Olive oil is very healthy for heart health. You can use any other vegetable oil for cooking food. Prepare dishes, baked foods and salad dressings using healthy fats.

Partially Vegetable Oils (hydrogenated)