Top 10 Junk Food Alternatives

Top 10 Junk Food Alternatives

A lot is being written nowadays for the harmful effects of packaged and processed food products that we so commonly eat on a regular basis. No matter how hard you try there are times when you are left with no options but to eat one of these products sometimes due to a lack of time and at others due to uncontrollable cravings. Whatever be the reason, these foods are universal health enemies and should be avoided to the maximum. Here are some of the healthy food substitutes that match the delectable flavor of these dishes without posing any health risks. You can also look up to these foods for raising the nutritional status of your diet.

Dark Chocolate For Regular Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants like flavonoids and is an absolute super food which is high on taste as well as nutrition. Regular chocolate bars that are so commonly available and delicious without doubt are actually hoarded with high concentration of refined sugars and unhealthy cocoa substitutes in the form of cheap vegetable oils. It is therefore, good to choose a good organic dark chocolate and satisfy your taste buds than go for your favorite, but sadly, unhealthy regular chocolate bars.

Gorge On Dark Chocolates

Dry Fruits For Toffees

Toffees or candies are every sugar lover’s cherished delicacy. How many times do we realize before gulping down a small candy that it contains zero nutritive value? Yes, there is absolutely no micronutrient or fiber content in any candy of any flavor whatsoever.

Dry Fruits
To satisfy that reluctant sweet tooth you can always choose a healthier option in the form of sweet dry fruits like Apricots, Figs, dates etc. These are not only tasty but rich in many minerals and vitamins that are indispensable for health.

Banana Bread For Cakes

Cakes, muffins etc. are loaded with a lot of calories which prove to be harmful for the body. Not only do they cause uncontrolled weight gain but also affect the body’s metabolism. Banana breads are my favorite as I love the flavor much more than I adore bananas and given the high nutrition they provide, Banana bread is one healthy dessert to cherish. Whole wheat breads are preferred along with other such breads to make them healthier.

Eating Gluten Free Bread

Lemonade For Soft Drinks

Even after knowing the potential harm caused by the regular consumption of soft drinks there are still many of us who indulge regularly in a bottle of soft drink or colas. To restrict the hazardous nature of these drinks there are plenty of healthier options available like Fresh lime Lemonade, Butter milk etc. which is not only refreshing but many times healthier than these soft drinks which contain high sugar content.


Humus For Cheese Dip

Since the time I first tasted humus at my favorite Bristo, I am such a fan of it that I have altogether forgotten about how tasty cheese dips are. Humus is made from chick peas and sesame seeds which are very healthy food sources. On top of it, humus has minimum fat content apart from the olive oil used for its dressing, there is no fat used for cooking it. For those who haven’t tried it yet, my sincere request to just have a taste of it for once and you will share the same feeling.


Flavored Yoghurt For Ice-creams

There are a lot of flavored organic yoghurt options available in the market today which are anytime better than the ice creams which we are so fond of. Look for a good brand or cook up a recipe at home to enjoy a healthy yoghurt dessert at home.


Roasted Chips For Fried Chips

The next time you want to enjoy chips with your favorite movie. Try roasting them instead of frying in loads of oil adding hundreds of calories to your favorite past – time snack. A lot of multi grain, roasted chips are also available these days which have more nutritive value and make your snacking experience all the more diverse.

Banana Chips

Honey For Refined Sugars

Excess of salt as well as sugar are very harmful for health. We consume far more sugar in our daily routine than is required by our body as a result of which lifestyle disorders like obesity, Diabetes and hypertension are so prevalent these days. Try limiting your daily intake of refined sugars by using Honey instead of white sugar to sweeten your delicacies.


Multigrain Breads For White Breads

The high gluten content of the white breads which are prepared from refined white flour are harmful for the body as they tend to stick to the inner linings of the intestines. People with gluten allergies need to avoid them totally. It is therefore better to go for multigrain flour and breads which are more nutritious and are better digested by the body given the high fiber content in them.

Whole Wheat Bread

Boiled Potatoes Instead Of Fried Ones

Contrary to the common belief that potatoes are unhealthy due to their high carbohydrate content, if consumed in the right way potatoes are actually good for health.

boil the potatoes
So the next time you want to prepare a potato dish, use boiled potatoes instead of deep frying them in oil.