Top 10 Health Myths That Need To Be Definitely Avoided

Health Myths To Avoided

The road to a healthier body and mind is filled with rumors and advice galore. No sooner than you announce your plans to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you will most definitely be barraged by a volley of do’s and don’ts from others who claim to have tread that path before. But you shouldn’t blindly follow all the advice that you get. For what works for some does not work for others. And what some consider as truths are actually myths that warrant no attention. Accordingly, here are 10 of those really popular beliefs that continue to fool plenty of health conscious individuals out there to this day.  Check them out!

Here Are Top 10 Health Myths That Need To Be Definitely Avoided:

Drinking 8-10 Glasses Of Water Is Good For Health

The standard advice is that you would need to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. While drinking water would keep your body hydrated for longer periods, drinking too much water can dilute the body fluids and reduce the sodium levels drastically. So don’t ignore the signals sent out by your body when drinking water. Drink water only when you are thirsty and not otherwise.

drink water

Reading In Poor Light Will Damage Your Eyesight

Many argue that reading in poor light will damage your eyesight in the long run. However, there is no scientific evidence that proves this fact. True that reading in poor light will cause extra strain on your eyes. But all that would leave you with are dry or itchy eyes.

poor light will damage eyesight

Not Drying Your Hair Immediately After A Shower Will Lead To Cold

One of the most popular health myths we know of indicates that not drying your hair properly after a shower can make you catch cold. Individuals catch cold due to viral infections and allergies, not wet hair. Hence, there is no link between the two although if you have a cold and take a shower, the symptoms of the cold could aggravate.

Not drying your hair

You Can Treat Split Ends With A Special Shampoo

A lot of brands out there claim that their shampoos can treat split ends effectively. Many individuals also believe that split ends can be cured with special shampoos. But this is completely false. Only proper care of your hair via a proper diet and lifestyle would prevent split ends. If you do get split ends, then the only way to get rid of them is to trim your hair at regular intervals.

treat split ends

Skip Meals And You Will Lose Weight

There is a common notion that skipping meals would allow you to lose weight. This is complete nonsense as skipping meals has got nothing to do with weight loss. In fact, according to several health experts, it would actually make you gain more weight. If you skip one meal, you would only end up eating more during the next meal. Skipping meals will also lower the body’s metabolic rate, thereby leading to weight gain.

Skip meals and you will lose weight

Eating Low Fat Foods Will Keep You Slim

Most of us believe that anything labelled ‘low fat’ would help us in losing weight and keep us slim. That’s not the truth though. For if  you keep on stocking up on low fat cheese, low fat butter, low fat cream, low fat chips and low fat mayonnaise, you would only be adding more fat to your waistline in the process. So skipping entire meals in order to munch on your favorite low fat snacks would lead you nowhere in terms of weight loss.

Eating low fat foods will keep you slim

Eat Chocolates And You Will Get Acne

Chocolate lovers around the world have reason to rejoice. For in sharp contrast to the popular notion that eating chocolate would lead to acne, studies have revealed that chocolate has no such effect on the skin. Better yet, many deem it to be beneficial for the skin. Chocolate contains flavonoids and antioxidants which are required by the skin to flush out impurities and stay healthy. So leave out the acne to other reasons like sugary foods and oily snacks as you munch on your favorite dark chocolates.

Eat chocolates and you will get acne

Body Heat Tends To Escape Via The Head

This is a truly baseless myth that has many worried about the amount of heat their head can withstand. Experts urge that body heat would escape from any part of the body that is exposed at that instant. So don’t worry. Even if you keep your head covered and your hands exposed, your body heat would escape via the hands without building up inside your head.

Body Heat tends to escape via the head

Sunscreen Is Not Needed In Winter

Most of us skip sunscreen in winter owing to the sun staying behind the clouds for the most part. However, the earth tends to get closer to the sun during winter, putting your skin at greater risk of getting affected by the UV rays. So lather up on sunscreen no matter how the weather is outside.

Sunscreen in winter

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