Tips To Manage Pre Diabetes

Tips To Manage Pre Diabetes

Tips To Manage Pre Diabetes The health state between normal and diabetes condition is termed as Prediabetic stage. It is usually a silent condition with no obvious symptoms and could only be analyzed by blood sugar tests wherein sugar levels become higher than normal but not that high to be considered having diabetes.

Probable Cause Of Pre-diabetes

People with good Insulin secreting power develop Insulin resistance creating imbalance in glucose and insulin levels in the blood. This could lead to weight gain and obesity owing to improper diet and lack of exercise. Finally, people develop hyperinsulinemia, the diagnostic symptom of pre-diabetes where body secretes disproportionate amount of insulin to manage sugar levels in the blood.

Pre-diabetics and Insulin resistance can be easily reversed by weight loss programs, and emphasizing on nutritious, balanced diet with regular exercise. It normally takes one to eight years to develop Type 2 Diabetes from pre-diabetic stage. If remain unchecked, it progress into Type 2 Diabetes that could only be managed and not reversed, and usually require daily Insulin injections dose.

Warning Signs Or Pre Diabetes

Excessive Thirst
Tingling sensations in feet and fingers
Black pigmentation at neck, armpits, thigh folds , breast folds
Craving for sweets and high calorie foods
Inability to control hunger
Frequent urination
Blurred vision
Individuals with obesity, family history of pre-diabetes, depression and stress have higher possibility of falling in risk group for pre-diabetes.

Solutions To Prevent  Diabetic Stage

Get tested for diabetes at least once a year. Restrict to food with low fat and calories. Include more of fresh fruits and vegetables with lots of antioxidant properties. Establish an active lifestyle with more physical routine like walking, climbing stairs or exercise. Maintain weight in the non-obese range with help of doctors and dietician.

Solutions To Prevent  Diabetic Stage

Develop Healthy Lifestyle Choices To Keep Pre-Diabetic Far Away

Increase insulin sensitivity of the muscles and body with regular exercising. Avoid overburdening the body with extra calories that come from addictive foods that are rich in carbohydrates, sweets and fats. No fad diets to be followed but have a healthy, nutrition diet full of fibers with low glycemic index like dals, pulses and legumes

Herbs and Spices To Control Sugar Levels

Cinnamon extract – Boiling a small powdered portion in water and drinking on empty stomach
Ginger – an excellent digestive spice for proper assimilation of eaten food
Amla – helps to control sugar levels in the blood and rejuvenates the tissues
Karela – should be eaten in cooked form. It could also be consumed in form of juice when mixed with aloe vera
Powdered neem, jamun seeds and karela powder – these herbs together work as astringent and detoxify the system along with maintaining the sugar levels

Spices To Control Sugar Levels

Pre-diabetic is the grey area between normal blood glucose and diabetes levels. People with pre-diabetes, in addition to having risk of Type 2 diabetes, are also susceptible to cardiovascular complications. Hence, it becomes very vital to monitor and reverse the pre-diabetic stage before it builds into enormous long lived disorder that would need to be managed for lifetime.