Tips To Look Thinner By Wearing The Right Clothes

Tips To Look Thinner By Wearing The Right Clothes

Tips To Look Thinner By Wearing The Right Clothes Trying to look thinner in what you wear is a universal dilemma that almost all women have in their minds. Dressing right is an art. You must understand what your body structure is and dress cleverly to camouflage your problem areas and look thinner and attractive!

Here are a few simple tips to help you choose the right kind of clothes to make you look thinner.

Do not Wear Baggy Clothes

It is the biggest misconception that wearing baggy clothes will help you hide your problem areas. Never wear baggy clothes, whether you are thin or healthy. Baggy clothes not only make you look lumpy and slouchy but also dull and unattractive. So steer clear of baggy blouses and jeans and wear clothes that will fit you well.

Wear Good Heels

Heels not only make your legs look great but they give your body that much required confidence. If you are wearing a great pair of skinny jeans then team it with a smart pair of heels to add the extra oomph factor. Heels can make you look slender and tall and it adds elegance to your gait and makes you look thinner and sexier!

Wear the Right Underwear

Wearing the right lingerie is the key to looking great and feeling attractive from within. Know what your sizes are and wear it the right way. When you are wearing a skin tight top make sure you opt for seamless undergarments. You can wear a shape wear to hide your tummy or flabby waist and it will make you feel confident as well.

Wear Clothes That Will Lengthen your Body

When you are dressing to look thinner use your imagination and dress right. Wear clothes to add an illusion of length. You can layer your clothes to achieve this look. Wear a tank top and add a shrug over it. Vertical designs also work wonderfully well. Add a pair of skinny jeans to it along with a pair of wedge heels and you are guaranteed to turn some eyes!

Avoid Wearing Clothes that Are Too Tight

Just like it is inappropriate to wear baggy clothes it is also not right to wear extra tight clothes. Do not think that wearing tight clothes will make you look thinner. Rather you should absolutely avoid materials that are flimsy and too stretchable as they tend to cling on to your body and it will show every curve and flaw in your body. Know and identify the right material and choose the right sizes which should not be too tight or too loose.

Wear V Necks if you Have a Heavy Bust

For women who are on the heavier side and possess a heavy bust it is best that you wear clothes that will take away the weight form your chest. Wear V necks rather than round necks as the latter will make your bust appear heavier. The V neck helps to take attention away from the chest and gives you a slimmer look instantly. Keep the sleeves slightly longer at the elbows and you can look very attractive and feel confident at the same time too!

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