Tips To Choose Perfect Nursing Bra

Tips To Choose Perfect Nursing Bra

Tips To Choose Perfect Nursing Bra For a breastfeeding mom, nursing bra is the most important wardrobe. While choosing nursing bra, mother should give preferences to comfort and convenience over other features.

Be sure, the bra you are going to choose will provide support to your changing breasts besides providing easy access to breastfeed. It is good to shop nursing bras after birth of baby with in first week, as your body will keep growing larger by the time milk come in. Shop 3, 4 bras at the same time, the reason for that, you should regularly change bra due to leaks for preventing breast infections, you may use these bras easily between you do your laundry. Here you are some guidelines to choose perfect breastfeeding bras.

Remember! Convenience Comfort And Support Matters A Lot

These three features are the most important features to keep in mind while choosing breastfeeding bra. Your bra should provide ease, support and comfort to the breasts. Choose the bra that can be fully open at the front side, it will be easy to back your breasts into place after breastfeeding. Bra should be also comfortably fitted but should not be tight enough to cause risk of plugged ducts. Straps should be adjustable, not digging into skin and wide to support extra weight


Prefer bras having adjustable chest bands so you can adjust it even when your breasts are going larger. Go for at least one cup size larger bra than your pre-pregnancy cup size. Choose bra having several rows of hooks at the back to allow using the bra even when breasts change in size. Your bra should be fit, when it is fastened on second row of hooks, this will allow you to adjust your bra if breast grow larger or smaller.


There are many styles of bra, choose anyone of them which you like the most, be sure the style of bra doesn’t compromises over above defined features.

Nursing Tank Top Bra

This style is having features which allow you breastfeeding in public; it is also considered one of the best bras for comfort and coverage.


Flaps bras are also designed with the features of discretion in public, besides this, its flaps make its easy to fastened and unfastened with one hand when you are holding your hungry baby in other hand.

Without Flaps

In this style, bra is having cups that will make it easy to pull bra to one side with one hand; this type of bra is made of fabric, usually cheaper and comfortable. Before buying, make sure it will support your breasts well.

With Under-Wire

No doubt this style provides you extra support, but sometimes it lead to plugged milk ducts as it add pressure to your breasts. It is batter to avoid buying this style to prevent breastfeeding problems.

Without Under-Wire

This will be more comfortable and supporting than with under-wire bra, especially if you are used to wearing this style previously.

Soft Cup Sleep Bra

These bras are made up well stretchy fabric, like microfiber, many of them has pockets inside to keep nursing pad. It makes breastfeeding easier at sleeping time, you push the bra cap inside, latch your baby on and than you can go back to sleep.


This nursing bra is best for mom who needs to pump breast milk.

If you want to breastfeed comfortably, choose the bra providing comfort, ease and support, bra should also be best suited to your lifestyle and body type. Choosing a best bra will make breastfeeding easier to you.