Tips On Positive Parenting Skills

Tips On Positive Parenting Skills

Tips On Positive Parenting Skills Parenting is not an easy task. Each decision that you make hold much weight as it can impact your child’s future in a big way. The challenges in parenting do not disappear; they just vary as your child progresses in age.

When your child is toddler you might be worrying about the right amount of nutrition you child gets or school admissions, this will change in adolescence when you worry about the peer group your child mingles with or the right career path. The challenges are always there. How you handle it and become a positive and a better parent is the priority.

Positive Parenting Tips

Accept your Child

We all have dreams and aspirations about our lives. The same is true when it comes to our children. But they have the right to their life. We cannot thrust our wishes up on them. Rather our duty is to be the guide, the friend and the ever present pillar of support that they crave for. Children are very perceptive to their parent’s moods.

A slight change in body language or tone of voice can make them understand our feelings. So, project positive thoughts to your children. If you let your negative emotions about them slide, then they will start seeing themselves through the very same line of thought. Correct them, advise them, guide them but not by damaging their self esteem. A confident child is always a healthy one and the one who is better prepared to face the life challenges.

 Spend Time with your Children

To understand some one or to move ahead in a relationship, what do we do? We spend some time with them. This is true in case of our children too. Just because they are our children we cannot presume to know them. Show them the world and explore it along with them.  There will be so many little things that they will want to share with us.

Positive Parenting

It might be a painting that they did in school or a start of good effort they got. At the end of the day when they come running to you, keep your day’s hassles away and give in to them. Look back at your own childhood, most of the happy memories we would have had will be with our family. If both the parents are working, then plan your day to spend some time with your child even if it is just idle talk. Spend weekends doing some fun activity together and start a tradition of Sunday family lunches where everyone gets to share their week.

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Raise Better Individuals

Children learn their value system at their home. Schools, peer group and social influences are secondary. What they project in the society is often what they see or learn at home. Raise your children to be tolerant and to accept the differences in other human beings. It might be of physical, financial, stature, racial, IQ or any other demarcation in nature.

Parents are a child’s role model in social interaction. They catch up on the expressions that we use and our opinions on other individuals. So be guarded when you pass opinions in front of your child. Make them socially aware and also the threats in society, but do not make them snobs or belligerent individuals. Child hood is a beautiful phase on one’s life. Make it a happy, content and secure one for your child.