Tips On Leaving A Baby At A Day Care

Leaving A Baby At A Day Care

Leaving A Baby At A Day Care If you are planning on putting your baby in a day care centre there are some things you will need to keep in mind. If you want the best facilities for your baby at a day care, make sure you examine every possibility in detail.

Tips For Putting Your Baby In A Day Care

Trained And Experienced Staff

The staff at the day care should be trained and experienced. The head teachers should all have degrees in early childhood education and should be experts in caring for infants. Keep a watchful eye on the staff turnover. It is seen that people with generally poor qualifications are enrolled in day care. If the staff turnover is very high in the day care, beware.

Safety And Health Of The Staff

Make sure that that the staff has impeccable hygiene and habits. They should be clean and free from disease. Make sure that they have all had annual checkups and vaccinations especially against TB. Do a complete background check.

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Good Teacher To Staff Ratio

In a good day care, the teacher to baby ratio is 1:3 i.e. one teacher or staff per three infants. That way you will be assured that your child is getting undivided attention. Fewer than this will mean that your crying baby will have to wait interminably for someone to attend to his/her needs.

The Size Of The Day Care

The larger the day care, the more unmanageable the children. Extremely large day cares also spread infections very fast, as there are more children. Make sure yours is a moderately sized day care where there is adequate staff and each child has his/her individual space.

Segregation Of Children

Infants should not be allowed to mingle with toddlers or left unattended with them. This very important for safety, health and developmental reasons.

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A Loving Atmosphere

The staff should all be motherly and should genuinely like children. This you will be able to observe with their behaviour. The children should look bright, alert, happy and clean. Make surprise visits to see your child at a time of the day when the staff is the busiest to see what the general atmosphere is like.

A Stimulating Atmosphere

The atmosphere should be stimulating and beneficial for the baby’s emotional, social and physical development. There should be adequate social and environmental stimulation for young infants.

As the child grows he/she should be exposed to books, nursery rhymes, music and outdoor play games all of which are crucial for his/her development. The day care should include field trips where one staff goes with 3-4 children to the park or the supermarket. This encourages the child’s environmental exposure.

Parental Involvement

Is the approach of the day care centre harmonious and receptive to parental involvement. Ideally, parents should be involved and updated about the various nuances of day care centre activities.

Opportunities For Rest

There should be a plethora of opportunities for the child to rest at a day care. Tiffin and lunch breaks should be incorporated so that the child gets to eat and drink at the day care. The children should also get to nap if needed.

Leaving A Baby At A Day Care


The place should be clean and hygienic. Toys should be washed and sterilized. Nappies should be changed and disposed of effectively. All caregivers should wash hands frequently.

Teething rings should not be shared and all utensils should be washed with water and detergent. Sick children should not be present or should be kept under quarantine. All children should be up to the mark in immunizations.