Tips On How To Make Shadow Eyes

Make Shadow Eyes

Make Shadow Eyes Watching Desperate Housewives always makes me envious of Eva Longoria’s eyelashes and makeup because I want eyes just like her. Knowing when to stop is the difference between ‘going over the top’  and ‘wow’ eyelashes. Eyes can look attractive during the day with lighter shades. One will look like a really hideous piece of modern art if they pile on colors.

Tips to Make Shadow Eyes

Getting It Right

The attractiveness of eyes can be enhanced with the right technique of makeup. They are already beautiful in shape, but they can be made even more appealing and dashing. Smoky eye shadows give an exotic look. Smoky eyes can look extremely attractive with the shades like charcoal and slate gray. However, the eyes can be given a beautiful and modern look with colors like lavender and purple.

Shadow With Glitter And Matte

An interesting look can also be achieved by mixing matte shades with glittery eye liner or using a liquid liner with mixing metallic shadow.

apply glitter

Sea foam, copper, emerald green, turquoise and royal purple are some of the shades that can be found in eye liners and can be experimented with. Candy pink and tangerine orange are some bold shades that can be tried out by women who know how to carry them gracefully.

Adding Depth To Shadow Eyes

Great depth can be given to the eyes with the way eye makeup is graduated from the eye lash line to the eye brows. This look can be achieved in the best way by using the darkest shade on the eyelash line and when reaching close to the eyebrow, the dark shade can be merged with the light one. A variety of eye shapes can be experimented with.

Light shades make the shapes look larger whereas dark shades reduce them. The color accents give versatility to the Asian eyes. Pale pink tones on attractive brown Asian eyes create a new dimension. Gold and rust are good choices too. However, Asian women should apply a lighter shadow on the inner half of their lids and a dark one on the outer one and highlight the region under their brows as well.

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Shadow Eyes Example

During the evenings, smoky or shadow eyes look amazing. Powder eye shades can be found in the smoky eye palette because at the end of the day, they prevent creasing. You can go for something that has the base color as icy champagne along with an original gray shade. Contours use dark gray while lids are applied with silver gray color.

Shadow Eye

The look is completed with the smoky black-brown liner. The colors should only be applied after the liner. The look is completed after blending them. Apart from mascaras and eyeliner, some basic tools are essential for creating show stopping eye makeup.

Translucent Loose Powder

Problems with smudged makeup and raccoon eyes can be prevented with translucent loose powder. The excess powder should be brushed off.

Heated Eye Lash Curlers

In contrast to regular curlers, heated curlers give a superior finish. Instant results can be obtained with Laura Mercier eyelash curler without any damage. The lashes remain curled for an entire day. A dramatic impact can be created with false lashes. To prevent lashes from breaking off, mascara should be applied after curling.