Tips For Stay At Home Dads

stay at home dads

stay at home dads Are you a stay at home father? Does babysitting your toddler single-handedly give you sweaty palms? Are you worried how you are going to keep your baby calm until the baby’s mommy returns?

Most fathers would panic at the thought of solely handling their little kid sans any help from the mother. Babysitting is definitely not a task which a father relishes. However, at times when the mother has to leave for an errand and no one is available to look after the baby; the father must have some knowledge about taking care of their kid.

Usually fathers love to play the role of the compassionate parent who pampers the child, cuddles and plays with the kid. But rarely do fathers take responsibility for changing the diapers or cleaning the baby or putting them to bed or feeding them. This article suggests ways in which a father can do babysitting in the absence of the mother.

Tips For Stay At Home Dads

Keeping Essential Items Ready

If you are a stay at home father, it is advisable to be prepared and keep essential items handy. Keep everything from food supplies to toys to diapers within easy reach so that you don’t have to run around in case any of these items is required. Baby needs to be fed frequently; his/her diapers have to be changed as soon as it gets dirty. Having all this stuff within your reach will make the task of babysitting easier.

babysitter tips for father

Be Prepared for Contingencies

Every father wishes for the good health of his child. However, it is prudent to be prepared for emergencies and keep things like a medical kit at an accessible place so that you can provide timely first-aid to your kid if need arises. Keep a list of important telephone numbers including the contact details of medical services near you.

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Following a Schedule

Mothers always have a fixed schedule for bathing and feeding the child, putting the kid to bed. If your wife is away, note down the baby’s schedule and the timings of the baby’s nap, feed, etc. on a piece of paper. This little exercise will make your babysitting duty much less frustrating.

Maintain Silence

When your baby is catching a nap, you can relax. But make sure that you don’t watch the television at a high volume or make calls and talk loudly. Noise will wake up your baby and it will become very difficult for you to calm your crying toddler and put him/her back to sleep.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

It is essential that you keep your baby clean and observe hygiene around your baby. If your baby has soiled the diaper, make sure that you wash the area properly and then dry it using a soft baby wipe. Shower some baby talc to remove bad odour and keep the area dry. Generally babies cry a lot when they are being cleaned. Sing songs or rhymes to your kid and make playful faces to keep your baby engaged while you simultaneously change his/her diapers.