9 Tips For Natural Make Up

Tips For Natural Make Up

We girls are always befuddled with the idea of applying makeup. And the concept of which cosmetics to apply at what function is again a very confusing subject. This is perhaps the common problem of women round the globe irrespective of age, place and occupation. But still it is highly important to apply make up to retain our beauty and to give a touch to our charismatic beauty.

The most arduous situation arises when we need to apply make up to get a natural look. How much make up to apply, which all cosmetics should we use are some of the very confusing questions which make us bewildered. Below are some of the tricky tips to do natural make up. If the steps are followed properly, the confusion and the problems can be solved to a great extent.

Natural Make Up Tips

Get a Clear Idea

First and foremost you should be very clear about the place you are visiting, the amount of make up that you need to put on, the brand of cosmetics that your skin can accept, and the nature of your skin. These are some of the very fundamental points that should be cleared before applying make up.

Get your Eyebrows Properly Manicured

Well shaven, properly tweezed brows give a neat and clean appearance to the face. It is extremely important to get your brows done before applying make up.

Eyebrows Properly Manicured

Wash your Face with Water

Splash cold water on your face to remove the dirt and dust from the face and you can apply different types of face wash depending on the nature of your skin- oily or dry. Then apply moisturiser all across the face. Moisturiser can be applied for both the dry and the oily skin. It keeps the oily skin dry and the dry skin oily.

Wash your Face with Water

Apply Foundation

Foundation should be applied on your face but not in large quantities but in small quantities. It helps to prepare the base of the make up. It also makes the rough surfaces of your skin smooth. Also, it should be applied only in certain areas like under your eyes or around your nose. And most importantly, it should be uniformly blended to remove the artificial appearance.

Foundation For Natural Make Up

Use Concealer

Apply concealer on the dark circles of your face underneath the eyes to remove the tiring look of your face and providing a fresh look. But, it should not be rubbed vigorously rather applied very gently to prevent it from forming wrinkles.

Concealer For Natural Make Up

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Make your Eyes Look Sensuous

Eyes are the most amazing organ of your face. Even if you want to achieve a natural make up, it is highly important that you are sure to make your eyes glamorous that will always make you look confident. Draw your eyes with a liner. But do not give any artificial shape to the eyes with the liner rather try to draw the natural shape of the eyes with the liner. Applying mascara is absolutely important here that will highlight your eyelashes making it prominent. Also, curling of eye lashes can also add glamour to the eyes though making it look natural.

Eye Lashes For Natural Make Up

Make Up of Lips 

Use lip balm to smooth the roughness of your lips and then apply pink transparent coloured lip gloss. This imparts a sexy yet innate look to the face.

Lip Balm For Natural Make Up

Apply Powder


Pour loose powder over your face. Brush off the extra powder. This gives a rejuvenating appearance.

Powder For Natural Make Up

Apply Blush

Finally give a tender touch of blush on your cheeks and blend it uniformly. This gives an amazing, pretty, vibrant yet a very natural look to the individual. The above steps if followed properly and patiently, you can very easily attain your achievement of looking jubilant, lively, gorgeous yet very natural. Remember, natural make up does not imply applying no make up at all but applying make up such that it holds back the natural and innate beauty and charm of your individuality and personality.

Blush For Natural Make Up