Tips For Going On A Blind Date

Blind Date

Blind Date Going on a blind date is very different than going on a regular date with person you have met before. It is more challenging and all in all a bit more demanding and difficult. Going on a blind date requires a person to be very confident in him or herself and a good sense of humor is also a must. Without these the date is more than likely to go bust.

A blind date is a different situation and requires a lot of care and handling because having not met the person ever before, you need to be ready to take spontaneous decisions, like talking on the spot, or leaving if things don’t work out. In addition to that there is not much room for nervousness because if the other person sees you a nervous wreck then it will be a lot of bad luck for you.

If you are; however the adventurous type, then a blind could be quite an adventure for you. The reason why a lot of people are in fear of blind dates is because they are too self-conscious and cannot handle pressure. During a blind date, pressure can build up through awkward silences. One of the most helpful tips would be to avoid a totally blind date. It is advised that you know at least a little bit about the person you will be seeing. Exchanging emails or phone conversation can be a good way of understanding and having a sense of what the person may be like and what you should or could expect from the date. In any case there are a few tips that can help you prepare well for a blind date. You have to be able to follow them and have a strong heart in case things turn around and bite you on your back.

Avoid a Completely Blind Date

Going on a completely blind date can be scarring depending on who you dating. This is because if the person turns out to be someone with a completely different style, personality, and taste in everything, then there will not be much for either of you to talk about and the date will be a big bust. That is why it is to at least trade emails, have a few conversations on the phone and if you happen to have any mutual friends, then having a little background check can go a long way during that date. Also the guy can be completely different from what you might be expecting. If he talks about his history of violence, or how many girls he has managed to have sex with, then it would be apparent where his interests are. As such do not lead him on even slightly, and simply be polite and stay till the end of the date and then go on home to your life.

Choosing the Place

Considering you do not know the person, but at all, do not choose a place that you are a regular at and love. It could be totally opposite of her taste, and also she could feel very awkward since she would be a complete stranger.

Blind Date Tips

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As such choose a place that has a good blend of funky, romantic, and crazy for the date and you will have the best of everything. In addition to that, if you are picking her, do not choose a place that is extremely far or at the other end of the town or city. It should be a place, where the girl is aware of the surroundings in order to feel safe with you. This will ensure a good date.

Relax and Calm Down

Nervousness will eat you alive, especially on a blind date. You need to show up with confidence and let the girl know through your body language that you are confident and fully aware of what you are doing. Girls get attracted to men with a lot of confidence. In addition to that just relax, think about one topic at a time, and when that gets exhausted, move on to the next. Being puzzled and confused with a million topics for conversation in your mind will lead you to be physically confused in real life. As such relax and calm down. Your partner is likely to be just as nervous as you are.

Be Natural, Be Interesting, and Be Interested

No one likes a show-off and this goes both ways for girls and for guys. Don’t pick a very fancy place that you can barely afford for one time. Choose a descent and modest place where you can enjoy and have a good time without having to worry about the big hole that will tear up in your pocket soon. In addition to that, do not try to act or try to be someone you are not. This will become apparent and will not be good for you. Be natural, and talk naturally like you would with anyone else, except with a little more edge to the romantic side considering you are on a date. In addition to that be interesting, don’t be afraid to tell her jokes and give her an equal opportunity to talk. Remember that she was interested in you, so it is time that you show your interest in her. As such give her all your attention.


Blind dates can be a lot of fun and a lot of the times they also actually work out for the people. In addition to that going on a blind date can help you feel confident about yourself with totally unfamiliar people. Also, it puts your ability to be able to think on the spot at a test, as such your presence of mind and humor also get challenged. A lot of the times even if you do not feel that the person is compatible enough to be your partner in a relationship, you have still possibly managed to make a new friend. As such learn how to cherish these moments.

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