Tips For Decorating Home With An Office Space

Decorating Home With An Office Space

Decorating Home With An Office Space With the changing times, the definition of home has also changed. A home today is just not a place where one lives with the family and calls it his/her ‘abode’; but it is also the modern day office space, which seems to have crept into our personal spheres known as ‘homes’. As per the recent statistics, more and more people are working from their homes now as a part of their attempts to seek self-employment or as a liberty that they seek from their employers.

Anyhow, the most important part of the tale is that offices are fast moving into homes, due to which it is important to segregate certain parts of the houses as office spaces or work corners. This is essential so that one gets a secluded space in the house where he/she can conduct all the official tasks such as meetings etc, without any disturbances. At the same time, it is important that the office space is also decorated like one so that one can get the perfect setting for work and the space in particular carries the ambience of a workplace, despite the fact that it is a part of a home.

In order to achieve this aim, it is essential that one defines the special areas that have been devoted to work with the help of specific decor accessories and styling techniques. At the same time, one can always utilize some tips and pointers so as to be successful in this task. However, first you should analyse the factors that should be considered while choosing an office space at home.

Factors for Choosing a Home Office

Determine your Requirements

First and foremost, be clear about your requirements from the office space. You should be sure about the kind of work you are going to undertake and if the space would be your primary or secondary workspace. On the basis of this analysis, jot down a list of the things that you would need to place in the office space. These could include a computer, a worktable, projection system, storage almirah and may be some office chairs as well. However, the list might vary as per the nature of your job and the kind of clientele you expect to have.

Pick the Perfect Location

The next step would be to choose the location where you would like to set up your home office. The choice can depend on the amount of space you have in your house and your requirements as well. For instance, if you are living in a studio apartment, you would have nothing more than a corner to set up a home office.

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Another determining factor for choosing a space would be the amount of disturbance you could get from your family members such as kids. No matter how much you love your family, it is important to consider this factor, as you would not like to be disturbed during working hours.

Make a Plan

The next factor would be to plan about your workspace. This includes deciding the kind of materials you would require, the power requirements etc. This would help in determining the amount of space you would require for setting up the office and also the particular space where you could establish your home office.

Ensure the Legal Aspects

The next important factor would be to ensure that you get a healthy and legal environment for working. This means that you should be allowed to set up an office at home as per the legal structure of your state and region. At the same time, the space that you choose should be away from external sounds and should provide proper office ambience in the form of ample light.

After considering these factors, the next step would be to decorate the home office space in an efficient manner, such that it looks like an office, yet stays a part of your home!

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Tips for Decorating a Home Office

Choose the shape of your office space. You could choose between an ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped office as per the space available to you. However, also make sure that the equipments that you require are positioned properly in and around this space.

Make sure that your laptop or desktop is placed at adequate screen height so that you would be able to work on it for comfortably, even for longer time durations. The screen should be at your eye level and at a proper distance from your sitting place, so that neither your eyes get strained nor does your neck feel tired, after having worked for a long time as well.

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Choose your office chair carefully. Your chair should be comfortable, such that you don’t feel tired even after long working hours. It is always preferable to have a chair with adjustable seat and arm height and back tilt so that its settings can be modified as per your bodily requirements. At the same time, you should analyse the amount of space that the chair would acquire in your home office as already you would be having a limited amount of space to utilize.

Use neutral colors on the walls and for the decor. However, the neutral colors could be complimented with a bright hue so as to brighten up the office area. At the same time, make sure that you do not use a completely office-type color combination in your home-office. After all, it is not an office but a home-office which has to have the warmth of a home in it in any case!

Choose adequate lighting accessories. The lighting should be such that you get ample light in your workspace. Poor lighting could strain your eyes and even cause problems in the longer run. However, for keeping a provision to use the space as a domestic area occasionally, you could place some dim lights as well, which could be lighted to create a warm atmosphere.

Be careful while placing your equipments. The things that you might require for your work should be placed within easy access so that the office space doesn’t look cluttered and all the things are well positioned.

Create space for storage as well. An office always requires space where you can keep the files and documents. Therefore, you should have adequate space for storing your official papers and files.

Finally, an important tip is to remember that yours is a home office, so do keep a provision in it such that you could use this space as domestic space whenever many guests come to visit you or there is a family get together.