Tips For Dealing With Cough During Pregnancy

Cough During Pregnancy

Cough During Pregnancy When you achieve pregnancy the efficiency of your immune system runs a bit low to prevent autoimmune rejection of the unborn fetus. The situation thus makes you more susceptible to a wide range of diseases like flue, common cold, cough etc. In order to cure such ailments you must take your doctor’s advice and follow it strictly and avoid administration of self advised medicine from medical shops.

Most of the time such medicines are not safe for pregnant women as they may contain caffeine or alcohol or compounds like these and can be extremely harmful for your baby. Here are some guidelines and tips on dealing with cough during pregnancy-

Will Cough Harm The Baby?

Cough is surely not dangerous for your unborn baby as it lies inside a cushion of amniotic fluid which provides protection against all kinds of physical shocks. Many antibiotics and albuterol are advised by doctors to pregnant woman for curing cough as these drugs are safe for the fetus. So any pregnant woman must consult a doctor to cure cough, muscle spasm or even cough from pneumonia, there is nothing to fear about these infections.

Dealing With Cough During Pregnancy

Don’t Opt For Medical Treatment

Normal cough and cold gets better in a few days of time naturally so taking medicine might be unnecessary if the symptoms are not associated with high temperatures. Normal cough gets better once its course is over naturally and medicines won’t accelerate the cure process.

Diet For Cough

Don’t forget your daily pregnancy vitamins. Both vitamin C and zinc is beneficial for your beneficial for improving the immunity. Incorporate lots of vitamins and minerals enriched food in your daily diet like.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits (rich in vitamin C content), melons, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, spinach, papaya, red cabbage, tomatoes, bell peppers etc are highly packed with essential nutrients that are beneficial for pregnant ladies. Animal proteins like beef, turkey, cooked oyster, pork meat, eggs, etc and wheat germ, oatmeal and yogurt are rich sources of zinc.

Fill Up On Fluids

Liquid diet must include lots of safe drinking water, low sodium soups, stews and broths, fresh fruit juices, lukewarm water with lime juice etc.

Chamomile tea

Herbal tea with chamomile, ginger, and thyme taken along with honey (preferably manuka) is extremely beneficial for cough and cold.

Basil And Honey

It is a common cough and cold home remedy. Basil leave paste or basil leave extract made by boiling the leaves in hot water can be consumed with honey for immediate results.


It is another way to get rid of any sour throat. Usually done with lukewarm salt water, gargles can sooth swelling and itchiness of throat. Hot water with lemon juice and honey is another great alternative to salt water when it comes to gargling.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

This is enriched with natural anti bacterial properties and is a source of essential minerals and trace elements like calcium, sulfur, iron, fluorine, potassium, phosphorus, silicon, chlorine, copper, sodium etc. and thus is highly beneficial for pregnancy.

What Medicines Can You Take

Natural cough medicines with glycerin and honey are safe for pregnant women. Over the counter medicines are not advisable. Nasal sprays with oxymetazoline or xylometazoline are safe too. Benylin cough medicines are also safe for some. Cough lozenges are safe for pregnant woman and  can help soothing the throat irritation too.