10 Tips For Beautiful Terrace Gardens

Tips For Beautiful Terrace Gardens

One of the best places of the house is Terrace and if we pay some attention to terrace decoration too along with home decor then it can become a vital part of your house.

You can decorate your Terrace in casual, elegant, luxury, rustic or any other style. Same way terrace garden is another style statement for beautiful houses. It not only makes your house beautiful but also brings greenery to your house along with peace, calm, happiness and fresh oxygen too. The most important thing which is required before planning a terrace garden is that the roof top of your house should be very sturdy and even.

Right Way to Plan Terrace Garden

The greatest benefit associated with it is that it keeps the roof cool during summers. The planning of terrace should start while you are planning the house. So that when the foundation of your house is getting constructed extra beams and columns are laid so that they can bear the extra weight of your terrace garden. The Lawn or the garden needs a special roof or a water proofing roof because the moisture present in the mud and the grass trickles down towards the roof of the house.

Right Way To Plan Terrace Garden

So it is a must to get a Non-porous water proofing material laid before designing the terrace garden on the roof. Some of the best options which are available for non-porous water proofing are slate stone, PVC compound, fibre plus coating or sometimes epoxy raisin and rubber containing bitumen compounds are also good options which can be used for water proofing.

It is better to choose such a compound which is lighter in weight so that it does not exert much pressure on your roof. In order to avoid accumulation of water on the roof proper drainage hole and slope are also very essential. Never plant such trees which can spread their roots in concrete as they will damage the roof top by spreading their roots on the roof. Always use a raised platform for plantation; however Terracotta planters are also a nice and beautiful option. Plastic planters or pots are a nice option because they are very light in weight.

Lighting Options for Terrace Garden

Lighting For Terrace Garden

The look of the garden should be very clean and tidy. In order to enhance the look lighting also plays important part. In order to give diffused lighting effect you can use Terracotta lamps which can be hung on poles all around the garden.

Bonsai Nice Option for Terrace Garden

Terrace gardens are not much spacious, so bonsai’s are an excellent choice for them. You can grow oranges, mulberry, pomegranates, and bougainvillea as bonsai in your garden. You can purchase these already prepared bonsais form the nursery’s too. In order to beautify your terrace garden you can decorate it with water body, shade, artefacts, canopy etc.

Bonsai Nice For Terrace Garden

Use Bamboo Decoration for your Terrace Garden

Planning a plant decoration of your terrace garden then palm trees can be a nice choice, but remember that they grow in shade only. If you are unable to arrange plants and flowers for your garden, then bamboo stalks are good alternative for them.

Bamboo stalks just need a vase which should be filled with clean water and keep the stalks in the vase for decorating the garden. Bamboo can be kept and maintained easily in transparent vases which are kept in light open terrace. This means you can keep the bamboo shoots in water filled vase and keep them in sun on your terrace.

Bamboo Decoration For Terrace Garden

Proper Maintenance is Vital for Terrace Garden

You can prepare a small garden of beautiful and colourful flowers in your garden. The most important point while choosing flowering plants is that the roots of these plants should grow very slowly in least humidity. Now the second thing which we need for the proper plant growth is humidity, so that the plant can grow full fledged. There should be seating arrangement in the terrace garden so that you can you can enjoy the nice weather along with the greenery while sitting in the garden.

Maintenance Is Vital For Terrace Garden

Crucial Things To Be Kept in Mind for Terrace Garden

Shape of the Terrace

If the terrace is small you can keep folding chair and a small table in it. If the terrace is big then it can be sued a lounge also. The sofa chair kept over here will relax you from the tiring schedule of the whole day and it will be beneficial for sunbathing during summers.

Shape Of The Terrace Garden

Matching Furniture for Terrace

You can treat your terrace as outdoor living space too which can be both functional and comfortable also. Every natural terrace should have a beautiful surroundings and scenic beauty around it. Along with this texture, shape, colour selection and length of the plants are also important. Use matching furniture and pillows and paintings to decorate your terrace garden.

Furniture For Terrace Garden

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Outdoor Furniture for Terrace

Modern garden furniture can be finest selection for the terrace. This furniture is not only good for fun and relaxation, but you can enjoy your dinner also with this furniture. If you are looking for a long term durable furniture then plastic would be the best choice. Since the terrace garden is an outdoor thing so it would be better to plan bamboo screening to enjoy rainy season.

Outdoor Furniture For Terrace Garden

Terrace in Rustic Style

You can decorate your terrace in rustic style with outdoor furniture like wooden benches, chairs and tables all covered with soft cushions and tablecloth. If you are planning a rustic style all the things should be rustic like the watering can, wooden archway everything should be rustic in looks.

Rustic Style For Terrace Garden

Terrace in Classic Style

In order to give classic look to your terrace decorate it with wrought iron furniture along with couch chairs and coffee table. Couch and chair should have functional cushion and the terrace should be decorated with dry wooden flowers and vases. The lighting should be traditional with lamp style lighting in the garden area. To create a cooling effect you can keep a small water fountain also which will increase the attraction of your terrace garden and will give it a typical classy look.

Classic Style For Terrace Garden