Tips For African American Natural Hair Care

African American Natural Hair Care

African American Natural Hair Care Elasticity, fragility and the tendency to shrink when dry are some of the qualities that define African-American hair. However, keeping the texture and quality of this hair type, here is an insight on taking complete care of the African-American hair, the natural way.

African-American women who put a halt to relaxing or chemically processing their hair are said to be going natural. ‘Good Hair’, Chris Rock documentary of 2009 attested that this step is fraught with pain, missteps and confusion. Here are some other tips.

Best Tips For African American Natural Hair Care

Frequently Wash African-American Hair

Frequent washing of African-American hair can damage it; that’s what the popular belief is, but its untrue as long African-American hair is washed the right way. The scalp is clogged by oil and dirt, which prevents growth and washing, can eliminate this situation. But washing African-American hair very frequently will dry them excessively because they are naturally dry. Always follow up with organic or natural conditioners.

Massaging of Scalp and Hair Strands

Massaging of Scalp

Your scalp will get stimulation and ‘exercise’ with the help of a massage. Along with drying and washing natural African-American hair, stimulation is necessary, but the strands should not be pulled.

Choose Natural Products That Suit African-American Hair

Natural African-American hair can be enhanced by products that are rich in protein such as Nexxus. In order to acquire length, hair needs a proper ‘support system’. Therefore, products that are laden with vitamins and proteins should be used.

Select Proper Specialists of Natural African-American Hair

Hair can be damaged by weather effects, changes of seasons and also from the exposure to natural elements. But, not every stylist knows how to deal with this issue. People should research the natural hair specialists in their areas and before choosing a natural hair care stylist, it is best to see their previous work and the feedback of old customers.

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Give Protection At Night To Natural African-American Hair

hair scarf

It is imperative that you twist your hair or wear a scarf and take every step possible from preventing your hair from stripping while you are sleeping. Your natural African-American hair will not snag and will grow with this protection.

Don’t Overdo Styling

After childhood, numerous women do not see the unadulterated state of their Afro-textured hair. Even those who are aware of the texture of their hair do not find it comfortable to style their hair according to the latest fashion. It becomes even more whelming for women when they have to choose amongst the various hair-care products and tools in the market.

How to Blow-dry and Straighten Hair?

Blow-dry and Straighten

It is a must to use a blow-dryer with a comb attachment. Hair breaks when it is blow dried while its wet. Use a hair-dryer or air-dry African-American hair in order to reduce the tugging time when blow-drying. This is because this hair is even more fragile than other types.

As long as you visit an experienced stylist and take the proper steps, weaves are good for you. Your natural hair can be protected by sewing as it will not be exposed to elements and straightened. However, your natural hair are ripped when gluing is removed so it should be avoided.