Tips And Tricks To Kick The Smoking Habit

Tips To Kick The Butt For A Long And Healthy Life

Tips To Kick The Butt For A Long And Healthy Life We all have many regrets and pressures in life and as a consequence we end up nurturing vices. Smoking can be seen as one such vice which causes great harm not only to the smoker but also to those around him/her.

It can be consequential of peer pressure which begins as an innocent time pass but eventually leads to a deadly addiction. It’s rightly said that smokers don’t die of cancer, because they die young.

Whatever the reason be, this habit can cause great harm to the mind and body and in the long run can turn fatal. If you are facing the same, then it’s time to kick the butt. Read on to gather few tips to kick this deadly habit.

Great Conviction

First and foremost great conviction is required. You have to believe in yourself and your plan to quit smoking. Never try a smoke just for fun or to seem posh. It only leads to addiction eventually. Instead be smart and prove it to those friends who smoke that choosing not to smoke is indeed sensible and a very modern thing to do. Convince yourself and put in the desired effort.

Reduce Gradually

It’s best advised to reduce the number of cigarettes gradually and then to stop. If you try to stop all at once then in most cases it leads to binge smoking. It means that for some time you stop smoking completely and for the next few days you increase the intake. This will only cause more harm to your system. Instead reduce gradually cutting down the number as days go by. Choose smartly.

Keep Yourself Occupied

Try to keep your mind and body diverted. Set passions and goals and try to achieve them. Once you see yourself moving forward and progressing then your mind will automatically be diverted from such fancy urges.

Read up/Enlighten yourself

Do your bit of research and read up on the ill effects of smoking.

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Keep reading it till it sinks in. Gradually you are bound to feel guilty for wasting away life and sooner or later you will be motivated to quit .

Confide in a Friend/ Family Support

This is very important. Make sure you confide in a friend, a non-smoker certainly. He/she will help you and motivate you to overcome this vice. Also family support helps a great deal as they will help you keep a check on the number while you are at home.

Control the Urge

This step comes towards the end because once you have succeeded in quitting this bad habit, avoid all urges to smoke. Even if it’s just one puff, keep away strictly! Remember it’s this one whiff that leads to many more. Be proud of yourself and do away with this habit. Remember we only have one life.

These are some steps that you can try to kick this habit. Remember that such things cannot be achieved overnight. Be patient with yourself when required and also be stern. If you need help, then do not be ashamed to ask for it. Remember it’s only a smart person who realizes his/her shortcomings and works towards it. It’s just one good life, so live healthy and smart. Once you have kicked it, you will be so proud of your will power that it will motivate you to achieve great heights in life.