Tintilating California Rolls

California Rolls

California Rolls California roll is a type of sushi, in which the rice layer remains on the outer side. A typical California roll is filled with avocado slices, cucumber slices and crab meat sticks or imitation crab.

The California roll was invented when Japanese chefs entered into America. They tried to modify the authentic sushi rolls to suit the American palate. For that, they flipped the sushi to keep the rice on the outer side because Americans did not liked to chew on nori sheets.


2 cups of sushi rice
4-6 slices of avocado
4 slices of cucumber
2 sticks of crab meat
A sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds
2 nori sheets
Fresh lemon juice


1. Place the makisu or sushi mat on a flat and firm surface. Wrap up the makisu with plastic cling films to prevent the susuhi rice from sticking to it. Once done, place one nori sheet carefully on the mat. Now take a large ball of sushi rice in your hand, about 1 cup and then place it slowly over the nori sheet. Now wet your fingers slightly in water and then slowly press the rice ball to spread it all over the nori sheet.

2. Wet your fingers everytime it becomes sticky and then press the rice carefully and slowly to all the corners of the nori sheet. However, be careful not to break the sushi rice while spreading it because you want the rice grains to stay intact and not turn mushy.

3. Take more sushi rice to cover up the edges and corners if necessary but don’t try to press the sushi rice too hard or else the nori sheet may break. Once you are done spreading the sushi rice over the entire sheet, carefully lift the nori sheet and flip it over so that the layer of sushi rice remains on the outer side, as it normally remains in California rolls. Next, pit and peel and avocado. Once done, place the avocado pit side facing down on a table and then spread a little bit of lemon juice over it to prevent it from turning black afterwards.

4. Once ready, slice the avocado thinly with a sharp knife. Next, take 2 slices of cucumber and place it at the centre of the nori sheet. Follow that by placing 1 crab stick beside the cucumber slices. Next, take 2-3 avocado slices and place them over the cucumber slices. Now to begin rolling the sushi, carefully lift the edge of mat closest to you and then roll it over the filling.

5. Tuck the edges of the nori sheet tightly over the filling so that it can get sealed. Once done, continue rolling the sushi away from you and exert minimum pressure, to maintain a nice shape of your sushi roll. Once the entire roll is ready, press the end tightly to seal the sushi. Once done, take out the sushi from the mat and then place it over your counter.

6. Sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds on all the sides of the sushi roll and then slice off the two uneven ends of the sushi roll with a knife. Dip the knife in water everytime you want to slice the sushi roll. Slice the roll 4-5 times to get the California sushi.