This Is Why The Banana Leaf Gives You An Emotional Experience While Eating

India has diverse cultures with varying habits and traditions. The diversity of food in India is one of the remarkable things to experience. Every region has its specialty and the way it is served to give a person a fulfilling and enjoyable experience of food. The traditions are respected and people prefer eating food in those traditional ways in order to get comprehensive and emotional experience. In South India, food is served in the banana leaf. It is traditional, natural, easy to use and easy to dispose. It also gives a satisfying experience to a person.

In this video, why the banana leaf gives an emotional experience is explained in detailed manner. It also describes how it forms a harmony with food to give a satisfaction, how it is natural and recyclable in every way to keep environment healthy. The structural architecture of the banana leaf is able to give a psychological satisfaction. A definite way is used to arrange the food which will give an optimal experience while eating and what is the essential food to be eaten on the banana leaf is also mentioned. The way of eating food is explained with a demonstration. In the end, a very important tip about what to do after you finish your food will teach you a lot about respecting food. Watch this video.