This 3D-Printing Technology Gives A Visually Impaired Pregnant Woman The Greatest Gift

The bond between the mother and her child cannot be explained in words. It is eternal. No matter how older the child gets, even though he becomes a man and she becomes a woman, for the mother, they are just a child. The day a woman comes to know she is going to have a baby she starts dreaming about what she will do with her child, how she will nurture, how she will give every happiness in this world to her child. Her happiness has no ends, her dreams has no horizon; everything changes for her.

This video is about Titiana Guerra, 30 years old, who is 20 weeks pregnant and visually impaired. While lying on ultrasound table, she asks doctor about what her child looks like. The doctor describes the face of child and its features. The mother gets emotional while imagining it. The eternal bond is beyond magnificence. Then using the 3D-printing mobile station, the image of face of child is made. When it is handed over to the mother, she feels like she got all the happiness in the world. When she feels the touch, her response makes us spell-bound. Her emotions cannot be described in words. Watch this beautiful and touching story.