The Week Wise Calculation Of Pregnancy

Calculation Of Pregnancy

Calculation Of Pregnancy Pregnancy can exist for a period of about forty weeks. This period of forty weeks is calculated from the first day of the most recent menstruation cycle. These weeks are grouped into three trimesters. This article discusses about the changes that occur in the growth of the baby during these stages. The different stages of pregnancy are named as week-1 to week-12 or first trimester, week13 to week28 or second trimester, week29 to week40 or third trimester, and developing baby.

Pregnancy Week Calculator

First Trimester or Week1 to Week12

There are several changes that occur in the body during the first trimester. Each organ in the body will be influenced by the hormonal secretions. The altered hormonal secretions will stimulate many symptoms in the first week of pregnancy itself. The termination of the menstruation period is a clear indication that the woman is pregnant.

The other alterations that occur in the body are extensive tiredness, stomach problems, swelling of breasts and breasts becoming tender, extended nipples, not much interested in some food items, mood swinging, passing urine frequently, headache, constipation, gain or loss in weight and heartburns.

First Trimester


Since there are certain changes occurring in the body, it is necessary for the woman to make some changes in the daily work like eating meals very often and sleeping early to balance the body changes. As the pregnancy goes ahead many of these tiny problems will disappear while some people may not feel problematic at all. Every pregnancy is considered unique by itself as every different woman will be unique to the pregnancy conditions.

Second Trimester or Week13 to Week28

The second stage is also considered as second trimester which is experienced by many women to be easier compared to the first stage. But, it is vital for the pregnant woman to keep knowing about the changes in the pregnancy periodically during this period. There are some new alterations that occur in the body in this stage. The abdomen will increase in its size as the baby grows. By the time the second trimester is finished, the mother can feel the movements made by the baby.

Second Trimester


The body of the pregnant woman will prepare for giving room to the baby as the baby grows. Hence, the woman might feel certain changes like abdominal or back or thigh or groin pain, skin darkening surrounding the nipples, skin marks in the buttocks, breasts, thigh and abdomen, carpal tunnel syndrome, dark patches on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and upper lip, itching sensation in the palms, soles of the feet and abdomen, and swollen face, ankles and fingers. If the weight gain is sudden and intense then it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately.

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Third Trimester or Week29 to Week40

The discomfort that is felt in the second trimester is continued in this stage as well. In this period, most of the women are observed to have breathing difficulty and they also tend to go to the bathroom very often. The breathing difficulty is probably due to the continuous growth of the baby into larger size and bringing lot of pressure on the organs of the mother. These small problems will decline as the baby grows and the mother delivers the baby.

The changes in the body other than those seen in second trimester are seen in third stage of the pregnancy. They are heartburn, short breath, haemorrhoids, swelling of ankles and fingers, tender breasts, trouble in sleeping, baby moving towards the lower part of the abdomen, and false labour pains.