The Top Healthy Habits For Kids

Healthy Habits For Kids

Healthy Habits For Kids Most mothers are busy juggling their homes and careers and have little time to devote on the health and well-being of their children. However, with some minute changes in their day-to-day habits, you can go a long way in giving a healthy lifestyle to your kids and ingraining good habits in them.

Here are some tips to ensure your family’s well being.

Healthy Habits For Kids

Emphasize on the Importance of Breakfast

Make sure your kids get all the essential nutrients in their breakfast, which will be their most important meal. Never allow your child to skip breakfast, as this is one meal, which is packed with energy and the right nutrients. Try cereals, yoghurt, eggs and toast with juice or oats as a healthy breakfast option.

healthy eating habits for kids

Make Eating Fun

Ensure that your kids derive a lot of enjoyment from eating. So, have your daily family meals where you all are eating together as a family. Share a bowl of dessert with your child. Call his/her friends over and host meals for them or pack them off with a picnic basket. This will make meals and enjoyable and pleasurable time for kids and will make them eat wholesome and nutritious food.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Ensure that your child gets the much needed vitamins and minerals from a variety of foods. Make sure they eat different kinds of foods on different days. This will ensure that they are able to strike a balance in what they are eating.

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Carbs are Important

Most kids are conscious about the calories they consume but as a parent you have to ensure that your growing child gets his/her daily dose of carbs in the form of sweet potatoes, whole wheat pastas, chapattis and noodles. This should form a chunk of his/her diet.Carbs will ensure that the energy levels do not fall too low.

Fruits and Vegetables

Make sure that your child has at least 3-4 different kinds of fruits every day. Make sure that your child has at least 5 different servings.

Saturated Fat

Curb the child’s intake of junk food in the form of burgers and fries which are very unhealthy. Limit these snacks to just once a week at the most.

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Make sure that your child gets his or her daily dose of physical activity in the form of games, sports, running or swimming. Enrol the child in after school activities that include camping and trekking.


Academic brilliance is important and you have to constantly motivate your children to do well in school.


Emphasis should be but on academics as well as other recreational activities. The idea is to develop your child in a holistic manner.

Oral Hygiene

Inculcate good oral hygiene in children by ensuring that they brush their teeth twice everyday and rinse their mouth with mouthwash after every meal.

Oral Hygiene

Flossing too is important to maintain good teeth. Take your child to a dentist at least once or twice a year to check the health of the teeth and the gums. These basic tips will go a long way in keeping your child free of disease, happy, active and alert.