Top 4 Pageant Hairstyles

Top Pageant Hairstyles

Pageants are momentous occasions and every aspiring beauty queen wants to look ravishing on the stage. One important aspect of grooming for a pageant is hairstyling. A badly done pageant hairstyle can actually work against you and keep you from winning the coveted crown.

Models preparing for pageants do not have the luxury of personal stylists and hairdressers. They have to know every nuance of hairstyling and perfect the art of managing their tresses even on a bad hair day. Pageant hairstyles need not be overly fussy or ostentatious.

The Top 4 Pageant Hairstyles

Pageant Hairstyles

The important thing to remember is that the judges are assessing every detail of your appearance from your dress, skin, figure, accessories, shoes and hair. You will be judged on how you do up your hair and whether the hairstyle suits your face cut. Hence, it is important to embrace the right hairstyle.

Pageant Hairstyles

Sleek and Glossy

Long hair looks ravishing when left loose on the shoulders. Just make sure that they look pristine and perfect. This can be done by ironing your hair. Wash your hair with a high quality shampoo and put in a leave-in hair conditioner. Apply some heat protecting serum from the tips to the roots of your hair and blow-dry your hair thoroughly.

Now use a hot iron to iron out each strand of hair by dividing your hair into manageable sections. It may be difficult to get this look without a friend’s assistance so make sure you have plenty of help on hand. Use a hair spray or a shine serum to set your hair. The straight and glossy look works very well for the main event when you are wearing a stunning evening gown.

Sleek and Glossy HAirstyle

Cascading Curls

If you have curly or thick and wavy hairthen this look will work wonders on your pageant day. Simply use some hot curlers on your hair. You will have to divide your hair into sections and curl them. Before this, wash your hair and apply a voluminizing spray to give your hair volume.

You can also use a serum. Now gently blow-dry your hair until they have a nice bounce. Divide your hair into sections and apply hot rollers on each section. Apply hair spray so that the hair is set in place. Remove the hot rollers and watch your hair looking gorgeous. Use a shine serum to add gloss to the curls.

Cascading Curls Hairstyle

Chignon or French Twist

The chignon and the French twistare decadent and stylish up dos that will never go out of fashion. Chignons and French twists are elegant little buns, which fall just at the nape of your neck. For these hairstyles, wash and condition your hair. Apply styling mousse to prevent frizz.

French Twist hairstyle

Use a paddle brush to de-tangle your hair. Now comb out your hair well and twist them from top to bottom. Secure the twist up on the nape of your neck with the help of bobby pins. Use funky and colourful hair accessories like bands and tiaras to decorate your up do.

Best Pageant Hairstyles