The Right Etiquettes Of Accessorising Black Leggings

Among all the colors in clothing, what remains most ornate and most sought after is black. Black is a color that you can wear in any occasion and at any place.

You can be dressed in black in a party or in any office event or even in a formal occasion like friend’s get together or family picnic. But you need to justify well with this color as per the demands of the occasion you are attending to.

Leggings, as we know, are common clothing for women. They have been in fashion throughout centuries and the fashion world is discovering various new styles of the same, new ways of wearing them and various ways to accessorize them. Among the different colors of leggings, what remains the most popularly chosen color is black.

Black leggings find themselves suitable for different occasions and events. They look smarter and elegant. Another great plus point of black leggings is that they can make a woman look slimmer too. But you need to know the right methods to accessorize your pair of black leggings. This article will cover some ideas on accessorizing black leggings.

Hairdo for Wearing Black Leggings

You must have separate ideas of hairdo for separate occasions if you are wearing your leggings in some of them.  Suppose you are planning to attend a casual party, work up your hair in loose curls, dangling all over your shoulders or spooky straight hair with soft highlights and streaks, spread nicely around your shoulders.

You can accessorize your hair with tiara or jeweled clips. In case you plan to wear your black leggings as an official wear, comb your hair at the back of your head, in the form of a bun or a French role, with hair colored clicks and clutches to hold the hair in place. Do not accessorize hair any further.

Jewelry for Your Black Leggings

You are free to experiment with light and sophisticated silver and platinum jewelry with your black leggings. While these colors look best in combination with black, gold color will not look that great. Now you can also wear diamond and American diamond studded earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

In case you are going for a casual party, you can experiment with dangling earrings, heavier designs of necklaces and thick bangles or bracelets. On the other hand, for a formal occasion, try to look simple with a narrow chain with a small jeweled locket as your neckwear, a small stone studded top as an earring and get sorted.

Your Options for Purses for Black Leggings

Metallic colors look best with black. Exempt gold from this list of metallic colors. In case of a casual occasion, carry a plus sized bag in a metallic color to combine with your black leggings. You can also try out red as it looks cool with black.

You are also free to carry black leather, high shine purse. But do not use a tan or brown leather with black leggings. For formal occasions, opt for a slim clutch bag in metallic color as suggested to complement your look.