The Nutritional Benefits Of Vegetables

health benefits of vegetables

health benefits of vegetables Vegetables have always been good for the body’s day to day functioning and help in warding off cancer and other diseases and a plateful of greens is loaded with vital health benefits.

Our mothers have always been pestering us to have our greens. Well, at least there is some element of truth in it. Here is a list of health benefits of green vegetables.

Benefits of Vegetables

The Immune System

Gorge as much as you can on green vegetables. Dark, leafy green vegetables offer the maximum amount of protection against diseases. The darker the colour, the higher the nutritive value it holds. Spinach and fenugreek have the least amount of fat and salt and are loaded in fibre that helps to relieve constipation and spinach is an excellent source of iron.

Weight Control

Vegetables also help to control the weight of an individual. The calorie conscious people can take a lot of solace in green vegetables as these vegetables have minimal calories. Broccoli and spinach take the cake when it comes to weight reduction. Avocadoes too are good and loaded in essential nutrients though they are slightly high on calories.


The maximum nutrition comes from vegetables. They have essential fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. They are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants that reduce the incidence of free radicals in the body. Vegetables are vital for strong and healthy bones, and a robust immunity. With a low fat content, they benefit the body in several ways.

advantages of vegetables

Help to Fight Diseases

It is seen that greens help to reduce cancer and chronic health problems like obesity. In turn, they greatly improve a person’s cardio-vascular health. Regular consumption of vegetables help to keep the bones strong and healthy and reduces the risk of bone diseases especially arthritis and osteoporosis.

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Skin Benefits

Vegetables are of special importance in maintaining the look, feel and texture of the skin. If you want a healthy, supple and glowing complexion then this is the time to gorge on greens as they greatly help to improve the complexion. A juice of fenugreek or spinach also helps to reduce acne. Vegetables are especially beneficial to the skin when they are had raw in the form of salads.

Green leafy vegetables come in a wide range of textures and colours from bluish green to dark green. The other important vegetables are yellow vegetables like carrots, pumpkin and yellow peppers.Make sure you pick vegetables that are dark green and yellow in colour as they have the maximum nutrients. Avoid picking up vegetables that are stale as this often indicates that they have lost their colour and flavour.

Avoid eating left over greens and do not choose soggy vegetables. Greens are best had raw or mildly sautéed. Over-cooking them will deplete the vegetable of vital nutrients and the vegetable will lose its nutritive value as well. Include greens like lettuce and broccoli in salads and have them on a daily basis to stay and keep healthy. Once you start eating them on a daily basis, you will soon be on the path of embracing a happy, healthy,  and gorgeous life.