The Most Important Aspects Of A First Date

First Dating Tips

First Dating Tips Dating and relationships can be quite hard, and even harder if it has been a while since you were out on a date with a man or a woman. Remember that there are a lot of single people outside and there a lot of people who are less unfortunate than you in terms of dating and relationships. This is not meant to boost your confidence, it is simply meant to help you understand that a lot of people experience what you experience; as such it is very normal.

Being nervous is a very basic sign of a first date. It is important for you to make a good impression, she must like you, you want to make her laugh, and depending on if this is one time occurrence for you or you’d like to see her again, you be considerate and expectant of sex.

Considering all these things there are a lot of aspects of dating that you must understand. For the most part, there is math involved in dating, in terms of how a woman judges a man. There are studies that have been conducted on women in order to determine how women judge men on a first basis in order to determine the future there could be. It works the same for men; however the different is that since our society is very egocentric and imbalanced, but in a bit of a good way, there are a lot of mutually common aspects of a first date. It is important that both the male and the female be aware of them because it can help both of you to understand the other person’s side and also know that you are not the only one feeling the way you are feeling.

Avoiding Being Nervous

You have to understand that your partner is in all likeliness just as nervous as you. Even if this is a one-time occurrence for him or her, the nervousness factor does not change because unless you like him or her, there is no future to this. Being nervous is normal and natural; however it can also be harmful. As such it is important to take care of it so the date goes as smoothly as possible.

Be Communicative and Attentive

Talking and listening are the two most important pillars of a good date. No one likes a person who cannot shut up, and no one likes one who wouldn’t say anything either.

Dating Tips For First Date

As such it is important for the guy to talk a little, then listen to the girl and then vice-versa. If you feel you do not have anything to ask as of that moment, then asking the same question you were asked is better than awkward silence. Soon your conversations will flow, as you get more comfortable with each other.

Have Manners

Countless dates have no future due to bad manners. Remember you are on a date with a very attractive person; as such you need to respect that fact and have a lot of manners. Pick up your date personally, and open the car door for her before she gets in. When you get to the restaurant, open the gate for her, and at the tables, instead of the waiter drawing the chair in and out for the lady, you should be the one doing it. This shows a true gentleman and is something all women crave for.

Be polite, use please, and thank you. Using a soft tone of voice and a slow to moderate pace is a very big point for the female from the male’s side. She will get drawn to it like a bee to honey. Do the same things at the end of the date, and do them naturally because you should ideally mean what you do, otherwise it will be pointless and the girl would come to know. As for the females, do not excuse yourself too many times for the bathroom, your make should be fine and it is important for you to give attention to your date. Be nice and the please and thank you rules are the same.

Overall Attire

Your clothes speak louder than you would know. Dressing appropriately is very important because it displays the personality you have. Dressing up too vicariously is never going to ensure a second date for either of you, which is why it is important. In addition to that depending on the place where the date is going to take place, the attire needs to be decided, as such let your date know in advance about it so she can pick out an appropriately beautiful outfit for the evening. In addition to that let her know of all the plans you have so she can be prepared for all them together, clothing wise.


No one likes a latecomer. If the guy is coming to pick you up, then do not start getting dressed when he rings the doorbell, so that he has to wait another hour. Also, in order to avoid giving your excitement away, do not fully dress either. Leave the shoes, ready, but in the closet. So once he arrives, tell him to wait for 2 minutes while you put on your shoes and get your purse. This way he will get a sense of your punctuality and preparation. As for the male, do not keep her waiting for more than 5 minutes. This will be very bad for your first impression. Also, never arrive out of breath, you need to look fresh and upbeat about meeting her.


By the end of the date you will come to know the success of it. Is he or she seems in a bit of a hurry to leave, it usually means you will not have a second date. However if you both did enjoy your time together and kept on ordering small dishes as excuses to stay together just a little longer, then a positive future is in sight. If you want to see the girl again, then do not be too obvious about it, rather get her number and tell this to her over the phone. He honest, and be calm, and your dates will soon blossom into love.

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