The Most Common Symptoms of Lyme Disease

lyme disease symp Lyme disease is caused by bacteria that are found in a certain type of ticks. This is transmitted to humans and can be quite painful. It causes rashes and different spots of the skin that is affected by the insect. There are many symptoms that are associated with this disease and mentioned below are some of them and many people suffering from the disease need to take heavy medication for faster recovery.

Here are the symptoms of Lyme disease that people should be aware of to treat accordingly.

Common Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Itching Of The Whole Body

This is the first sign of the disease and probably the hardest to notice. Itching can affect the body for many reasons and it is quite difficult to pin point the reason.


In the case of itching throughout the body, the patient should consult a doctor to check what the origin of the itching is. Itching can be a clear sign of the Lyme disease and people should never wait around for it to heal itself as it might get worse and leave marks.

Feverish Feeling With Chills

This is another symptom that is hard to detect the reason. People often get a fever and put it down to the weather or other normal circumstances.

Feverish Feeling With Chills

If the fever does not go and is accompanied with cold sweats and chills in the body, it should be taken to a doctor immediately. These signs are a possible reason of the Lyme disease. This should be attended to as soon as possible and a proper cure should be found.

Frequent And Severe Headaches

When a person is infected by the tick, the usual sign is long lasting headaches. Some of these headaches can be quite severe and people often call this migraine but if it is a constant and regular sign, it should never be left alone.


This is something that should always be taken to the doctor and proper medication should be taken for complete recovery. Headaches are the most common sign along with fever, so if anyone is inflicted by the disease, and has these signs, they should always first consult a doctor.

Muscle Pain All Over The Body

Another very clear sign of the disease is pain in the muscular areas of the body. Sometimes the pain can last up to weeks if not attended quickly. Muscular pain is something that people can be quite uncomfortable with and can result in a lot of other ailments as well.

The best thing to do in this situation is to eat proper food and exercise properly if a doctor’s opinion is not available. A Lyme disease patient can easily lose their health and should always try and maintain it through proper supplements and food.

Stiffness In The Neck And Body

People, who do suffer with the Lyme disease, are prone to stiffness in the neck and round the body. This can be very uncomfortable and can cause the patient to lose movement in the neck and the affected parts.

neck pain

Drinking lots of water can ease the pain a little as well as slight massaging of the neck of stiff area. It can help a little and ease the pain a lot. Stiffness of the neck restricts the patient from doing any sort of lifting of carrying. It can keep the patient in bed and away from walking due to weakness as well.

Lyme disease should not be left unattended by anyone and proper consultation should be the number one priority for any infected patient. Many people choose to leave the disease alone hoping that it will be something small and insignificant. This is what should not be done and people suffering from the disease should always first consult a doctor for any of the symptoms mentioned here. The above mentioned symptoms for Lyme disease should never be left unattended.