Essential Things For Organizing A Party At Home

tips for organizing a party at home

tips for organizing a party at home Parties with friends come and go but some linger in your mind for a long time to come. You too can host unforgettable parties that are remembered long after they are over if you do some things right. It is not about what you do but how you do it. Attention to detail counts.

Here are some steps to help you host the perfect party.

Tips on organizing a party at Home

The Invitation

Send out cards only if it is a celebration like a wedding anniversary celebration or a birthday celebration/ promotion party. If it is a normal party being hosted for friends, do send a reminder via sms or a telephone call.

The Guest List

Make sure the guest list is just right with numbers that you can easily host. Calling twenty people over at one time is overpowering. Call an eclectic mix of people. This will also help you to get to know and interact with your guests.

The Cuisine

Know your guest’s preferences well in time. Nothing is more embarrassing than having guests over who are allergic to the food that you have rigged up for them. An exotic and interesting cuisine introduced on the table will have your entire guests sighing with pleasure and they will definitely look forward to future invitations from you.


Bring out your finest bone china sets and silver ware especially if you have some exotic pieces that have an ancestral history. This will make your guest sigh with appreciation and wonder. Make sure that your crockery and glasses are clean and shined to perfection like a mirror. The table linen should ideally match with the bone china and glassware.


Have the right lighting, which exudes warmth and relaxation. You can use soft candles, chandeliers and decorative lamps, which give out a warm glow.


Do add a subtle fragrance to your room with frangipani or Chanel No. 5. You can also include some fresh flowers for a refreshing fragrance.

Polish Up

Make sure you polish the doors, windows, wax the wood, copper, silver, doors, floors and tapestry.

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Make sure they are sparkling, clean and dry. Prep up with caviar hand lotion, sufficient hand towels and toilet paper in the toilets.


Have an attendant who can see to the used glasses and plates and pick them up to reduce the clutter.

A Bar

Have a bar, which is well stocked. Have an assortment of beer, scotch, vodka, liqueur and wines. Make sure you have tonnes of ice, as this is often over looked. Make sure you have glasses that match the cocktails and the mock tails.


Have music to set the atmosphere. The music should be soft, preferably instrumental. It should not be jarring and should appeal to your guests.


Do not look drab. Dress your best but don’t look like a Christmas tree.


Make sure you introduce your guests to one another and start a conversation to melt the ice. Remember your guests’ names and occupations without a flutter. Every guest is equally important so make sure you accord equal warmth to all your guests. Make sure the farewells are brief and not too lengthy.