The Do’s and Don’ts Of Communicating With Your Teenager

Communicate With Teenager

Communicate With Teenager A child who was quite clingy begins to distance himself or herself from the parent; a silent one suddenly begins to explode; an overly obedient kid cannot stop himself or herself from ignoring you or what you say. These are common situations at homes having a teenage son or daughter. Learning the art of communicating with a teenage son or daughter and knowing do’s and don’ts help you establish an effective relationship with him or her.

Do’s Of Communication

Pay Attention Or Simply Listen

There may be times that your teenage ward does not want to talk to you and there may be times when he or she has a lot to stay. Earn your children’s confidence by listening to them actively and without interrupting them. Do not butt in and offer advice unless asked to do so. The mind of a teenager is often dynamic and volatile. Give them the time to come up to you and when they do so, pay attention to everything they have to say like a matured adult and not necessarily a parent. Acting emotionally or illogically is not going to earn you any brownie points.

Show Respect

Teenagers dislike being considered kids. They would like to be referred to as adults and dealt with like one. You may have lectured, advised or chided your little one for long but this habit cannot continue when the little one turns into a teenager.

Show Respect

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Refrain from such acts and reserve them for situations that demand the need. They should be more an exception than a rule. Never shoot down their thoughts and expectations and offer constructive criticism if you really think something does not work and offer rational explanation.

Be There For Them

Even when they have committed a mistake in spite of your repeated warnings, be there for them instead of rubbing it in. Allow them to learn from their mistakes. When you are liberal and understanding, they will take you into confidence and learn from your gestures. Guilt-ripping them is not going to take you anywhere.

Don’ts Of Communication

Never Aim To Have The Last Word Every Time

There may be times you think you have won but most transactions usually end up being futile or even volatile. It is important to understand that they are going through a passing phase and all of us go through it at some point in time or the other. Give in, adjust and consider what they have to say and let them understand that what they say and do are integral in decision-making.

Intrude Into Privacy

While there is a compelling need to ensure that your child stays away from danger, do not repetitively or forcibly intrude into their privacy. It is important to give them space and let them battle their emotions themselves. Your act of guarding may send wrong signals to them.

Finally, you be a role model and expect only that you have shown them. Acknowledge and apologize for a mistake that you commit. Remember that an adult is as much mistake prone as a teenager. Dealing with a teenager who goes through physical and emotional turbulences is not a simple ordeal.

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