The Best Ways Of Dealing With Insomnia During Pregnancy

The Best Ways Of Dealing With Insomnia During Pregnancy

The Best Ways Of Dealing With Insomnia During Pregnancy Between midnight bathroom runs, excessive vomiting, a swollen and achy pelvis and crampy legs, getting the much needed shut eye for eight hours may seem like a distant dream.

While the insomnia prepares you well for the sleepless nights that you are likely to endure with the small baby, it by no means is a compensation for your sleep deprived state of mind. Try the following tips for summoning the sand man.

Work Out

Exercise and get fit. The exercise will tire you out and get you the much needed sleep you desire. But don’t exercise closer to bedtime as it prevents you from settling down.

Get Rid of Mental Clutter

A racing mind can serve as an impediment to a good night’s sleep. So unload your troubles on your spouse or a close relative and let them unload the washing machine. Alternately vent it out by jotting down your troubles on a piece of paper. Seek solace in activities that allow you to slumber peacefully at night.

Eat Slowly

As hungry as you are, refrain from wolfing down your dinner. A heavy tummy will give you considerable heart burn that will prevent you from sleeping. You may find yourself tossing and turning at night and not being able to sleep so take in small bites and chew slowly.

Try A Bedtime Snack

If you are the kind who likes to eat your dinner by 8, try a bed time snack like some milk and nuts so that you don’t sleep on a hungry tummy and have to get up at night, making a beeline for the fridge. A decently full tummy will have you sleeping peacefully through the night.

Limit The Fluid

Slow the flow of urine and limit your intake of fluids after 6 pm. Frequent urination at night can put a dampener on your sleep patterns. If you feel thirsty take in small sips instead of guzzling a one litre bottle of water.

Avoid Caffeine

Say no to tea and coffee at night. This will definitely prevent you from getting quality sleep at night.

Soothe Yourself to Sleep

Listen to some soft music or read. Reading is known to induce sleep especially at night. Do whatever works for you to get the necessary shut eye.

Get Comfy

Place tones of pillows around you and sleep on a soft blanket. Sleep sideways for maximum comfort. It also supports your pregnant belly. Wear loose cotton night clothes to get the necessary air. Open your windows or turn on the AC if you are feelng too hot and stuffy. And don’t sleep with covers on your head. This will reduce oxygen supply and give you head aches.

Sleep Aids

If at all you need the odd sedative, take the ok from your practitioner first. However it is best to avoid them completely.

Smell Your Ways To Sleep

You can also make use of lavender scented pillows and aroma therapy to help you sleep better. Incense sticks and candlelight may also help you relax at night.

Bed Time Routine

Remove the tv from the bedroom. The tv is one source of distraction that may prevent you from getting a good night of sleep. Do not carry your office work to your bedroom. Keep it strictly for sleeping.

Din’t Stress Over It

Don’t watch the clock or stress over not getting enough sleep. Once you get rid of the worry, it won’t take you much time to hit the snooze button.