7 Best Toys For New Borns

Contrary to what most people believe, newborn babies are extremely fascinated with sensory toys and toys that catch their attention and interest. With a plethora of new toys hitting the market, most parents are dumbfounded by the range and variety that is now available in newborn toys. Best Toys For New Borns It is a sight for sore eyes to see your new bundle of joy gurgling and cooing with pleasure the moment you show him/her the toy, yet parents have to be a bit more discerning and not pick up every toy from the shelf.

The Best Toys For New Borns

Hand Held Toys

Do invest in a couple of hand held toys like a lovely musical rattle, which he/she can hold onto. Try to buy one or two in multi-colour hues or invest in rattles with different colours. Although the colour perception of a baby takes time to develop, once it does, the baby will be quite captivated by the barrage of different colours. You will also be able to enjoy seeing your baby swipe and bat the toy with her/his hands. Hand Held Toys

Musical Toys

Parents must buy a musical box or a musical puppy, which sings to the baby. These toys come with strings which when pulled, generate lilting music. The music can be pleasing and will always interest your baby. Parents must initiate and develop a liking for music in their children. Musical Toys


A mobile has always been a part of the infant toy repertoire. Just attach a musical mobile with contrasting colours to his/her crib and watch him/her enjoy it immensely. Make sure it is out of your baby’s reach though. Mobile


Even young babies are fascinated with their reflections that are cast on mirrors. These days companies like Fischer price are coming out with baby gyms that have attached mirrors so your baby can laugh and coo at his/her reflection while he/she plays in the gym. Mirrors will always elicit a smile out of your young one. Mirrors


One your baby grows a little older, initiate him/her to the world of books. A number of options are available from soft books, waterproof books and hardbound books with interesting cartoons, colours, caricatures and even words. Yes, even babies that young can immensely enjoy a good book and will certainly derive pleasure if you read out to him/her. Books

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Stuffed Toys

Small soft toys which do not promote a choking or strangling hazard can be given to your child but make sure your child plays with it only under constant supervision. Stuffed Toys

Wind Chimes

Invest in a quality wind chime and place it on the baby nursery where the child enjoys listening to it as he/she lies in his/her crib. Wind chimes have a subtle tinkling sound, which interest all babies. Whatever toy you choose for your newborn, make sure it is always safe, hygienic and does not pose a choking hazard or injury. Even small babies are extremely vulnerable to injuries. Wind Chimes