The Best Tips On Baby Hair Care

caring for a baby's hair

caring for a baby's hair Shampooing a newborn’s hair can be harrowing for rookie moms who are afraid of getting the shampoo in their young baby’s eyes. Babies in the first few weeks are also very dainty and fragile and need to be handled carefully. New borns in general are clean and do not require extensive shampooing.

Restrict the amount of shampoo you apply to their hair to a capful and do not shampoo their hair more than twice a week unless the baby suffers from severe cradle cap. In addition, if the baby has excessive hair at birth, cleaning will be required slightly more often as sweat and grime tends to build up. Here are some steps to shampoo your baby’s hair.

Tips On Baby Hair Care

Placing the Baby

Young infants do not have head control and cannot be made to sit in a tub. The ideal way to give them a bath is to place them head down on the length of your leg as you sit on a stool. For this, you will have to sit on a low stool and stretch your legs out. Place the baby with his head pointing down along the length of your leg.

Wetting his/her Hair

Once you have finished soaping the baby’s hair, you can now wet his/her gently by directing a spray of water to his head. You can use a Hygiene tap for this purpose, which is very convenient. Use your hand to wet the baby’s hair thoroughly. Take a drop of shampoo on your hand and lather it well by rubbing your hands.

Rub the Baby’s Head

Rub the baby’s head with smooth and gentle strokes such that his/her entire scalp is well massaged. Hold the baby’s head and spray water again on his/her head so that the shampoo is removed completely. Use your hands only to clean the front part of the baby’s head. This will prevent the shampoo from going into the baby’s eyes.

The Older Baby

An older baby who starts to sit can be propped up in is/her tub. Since old babies do not like their head to be pulled back and tend to cry and throw tantrums, you can use a hygiene faucet to clean their heads. Simply direct the spray from the faucet to clean the baby’s hair of all foam.

Shampoo Visors

Most baby shops sell shampoo visors, which is nothing but a protective covering on the head that exposes only the hair and prevents the soap from going into the baby’s eyes. The use of this again depends on the temperament of the baby as most babies find a head visor to be offensive. So choose one wisely.

If spraying and using a visor is not your baby’s scene and he/she does not like it, then you can resort to the conventional method of cleaning the baby’s head i.e. with the help of your hand. While this technique takes time to perfect, it is a lot safer in the long run. The whole process of shampooing the baby may be awkward in the initial months but young babies soon adapt to it and in no time, you will be washing their hair with shampoo quite effortlessly.