8 Best Tips For Natural Looking Make Up

Best Tips For Natural Looking Make Up

Make up is truly an art. Many women struggle to get their makeup correct and end up looking cakey and ghastly. Nothing is more appealing to the onlooker than a beautifully made up face, which does not look too over the top.

Naturally applied make up can give a healthy glow to your complexion and take years away from your face.

Tips For Natural Looking Make Up

Facial grooming

Facial Grooming For Natural Make Up

Make up will automatically look good on you if your skin is clear and eyebrows are plucked. Well defined eye brows add a lot of aesthetic appeal to our eyes and reduce the necessity of applying too much of eye make up. If your eye brows are plucked and well shaped, you can look sultry and sexy with just mascara and kohl. So make sure you book an appointment with your salon assistant and have your eye brows re-shaped. Make sure they are full and not too thin.

Nude Lip-Gloss

Nude Lip-Gloss For Natural Make Up

This is one make up accessory that should have its niche in every woman’s handbag. Nude lip-gloss can be your best friend especially when you have to go for important impromptu meetings and official dinners. It is a quick fix and can make your lips look luscious and full. Choose a shade that is just a shade darker than your lips.

Skip the Foundation

Skip The Foundation For Natural Make Up

Not every girl can carry off foundation with panache and on a hot summer day, it tends to run, making your face look sallow and cakey. Instead, opt for tinted moisturizers or soufflés that are light, fluffy and give your face a naturally even tone. If you have clear skin, you can skip the concealer as well.

Eye Make up

Eye Make Up For Natural Make Up

Eye makeup can be toned down to make it look more natural. Apply a smoky eye shadow but skip the mascara. Alternately, skip the eye shadow and just add lots of kohl and mascara to your eyes for a scintillating look. This will make your eyes look natural without looking overly done up.

The Use of Bronzers

Bronzers For Natural Make Up

If you know how to apply bronzer, you can altogether skip the blush. This is especially true during the daytime when you are going out. Just dab on some bronzer for a sun kissed look. Your face will show off a healthy tan without it looking peach or pink in colour.


Lipstick For Natural Make Up

Lipstick can be made to look subtler by blotting it after applying one coat. Apply some nude lip-gloss over this coat for naturally red lips.

Cleaning and moisturizing

A well-cleansed and well-moisturized skin does not need copious amounts of make up. If your skin is squeaky clean and healthy, just a dash of lip-gloss and kohl will do wonders for your face so make sure you follow a stringent regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Cleaning And Moisturizing For Natural Make Up

Restrict the Use Of Concealer

Concealer should only be used if you have very obvious under eye circles. Restrict its use if your eyes look fine and the skin is free of blemishes. This is because most concealers are applied in thick layers and this can make your make up look too obvious.

Concealer For Natural Make Up