The Best Tips For First Date

first date tips

first date tips For all the guys out there, you only get one chance to make a solid first impression so how you conduct yourselves at your first date will make or break your dating future.

There are certain things which you need to keep in mind for a divine first date experience. Here are some of the top tips for dating success.

Tips For First Date

Do not Go Dutch

If you are taking the girl out for the first time, kindly pay for the meal. You do not have to settle for an exorbitant venue in order to make a good first impression. The idea is to be charming and enjoy yourself. You can go Dutch or split the bill on subsequent dates but chivalry dictates that you pay for the girl on your first date.


Pick an exciting venue. The idea is to enjoy the ambience and get to know each other. Do not go for a movie, as you will not get to talk much. Choose a restaurant where you can take her for a meal and where they have a live band or soft music. The perfect setting would be a candle lit dinner. If affordability is your concern, you can host a dinner for your date at your place. Make the date special by cooking something nice for her. Include some fancy wine and exotic dessert. She will appreciate the efforts.


The biggest turn off for a woman is an uncouth man who lacks manners so make sure you are at your respectable best. Open the door for her or pull out the chair. Pay attention to what she says.

first date

Do not dig your nose or scratch your head. Do not talk while chewing. These are all the finer nuances of manners. Do not be late. Be the first one to reach the venue. You date will appreciate your punctuality. Never keep a woman waiting.

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Every woman likes to be treated with warmth, compassion and respect. That means you should not get the girl drunk or compromised. Follow the ‘hands off’ approach. Do not fall all over her or get too close for comfort unless she reciprocates the gesture. Shake hands instead and maintain a decent body language. Harmless banter and playful flirting is ok if both partners equally enjoy it. Drop the woman home after the date at a decent hour.

The Art of Conversation

It takes a lot of character to be a good listener. Do not hog the limelight or brag incessantly about yourself. Pay attention to your date and ask her interesting questions. Do not reveal too much about yourself especially your past girlfriends and flings. Witty repartee will earn you several brownie points so make her laugh if you are good at it.


Be well groomed on your first date. Do not come for the date in torn jeans and loafers. Wear smart jeans and a shirt or a trouser/shirt combo to be on the safer side. Wear boots or formal shoes as deemed fit. Get a haircut and a good shave. Chew on mint or mouth fresheners just to be on the safer side. Do not laugh too loudly. Wear your clothes and attitude with panache and you will be the perfect  candidate for a great first date.