The Best Techniques For Putting A Baby To Sleep

Techniques For Putting A Baby To Sleep

Techniques For Putting A Baby To Sleep Most young moms are all too familiar with this scenario — After hours of nursing your young baby it is time to settle him/her for a nap. Your breasts are aching, your voice is hoarse with the lullabies and your arms are paining with having to rock the baby to sleep. The baby soon dozes off.

You tip toe to the cot and gently put him/her down. No sooner than you put him/her down, the baby gets up with a start, looks around, starts to whimper and lets out a loud wail. Sounds familiar? By now you are literally in tears having to start all over again. The scenario is the same in almost all houses. Here are some tips to put your baby to sleep.

Techniques For Putting A Baby To Sleep

Choose a High Mattress

It would indeed require some training in gymnastics to be able to put a baby down in the cot which has a low mattress and high railing, the extra effort to bend notwithstanding. If you are smart, pick a mattress, which is high enough for you to put down the baby without added strain, and sudden movements, which may cause the baby to wake up.

A smarter option would be to put the baby in a cot, which has detachable railings. Lower the railings before you put baby to sleep. If your baby is used to a rocking motion, try a baby basket, which has the added facility of rocking. Gently place her/him in the basket. Rock the basket until the baby is in deep sleep.


Some babies are sensitive to light changes in the room. Make sure the room is neither too dark nor too bright. Use a night light, which will sufficiently illuminate the room.

Close Quarters

Make sure you rock the baby right next to her cot or bed where he/she sleeps. This will give you the opportunity to quickly place your baby down when he/she sleeps. The further the cot, the more you will have to walk and the higher the chances for the baby to wake up.

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Take a Break

You cannot stand for hours on end rocking your baby. Sit in a comfortable recliner/sofa where you can rock the baby and smoothly rise up when he/she is fast asleep.

The Right Side

Make sure your baby is placed in your arm in such a way that it does not hinder your ability to put her down when he/she sleeps. If the baby sleeps off on the wrong arm, switch over to the correct position, rock her/him some more before you gently place him/her down.

Constant Contact

A baby who feels secure in your arms can be lulled out of sleep when he/she is being put down away from your comforting embrace. Maintain constant contact as you place the baby down in the bed. Pat him/her gently on the back as he/she settles down to sleep.

A Lilting Tune

A comforting tune often does the trick. Improvise and compose your own lullaby that seems comforting to the baby. Keep singing the lullaby as you put the baby down. If the baby tosses and turns, continue patting and singing until the baby dozes off completely.

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