The Best Nursery Decor Ideas

The Best Nursery Decor Ideas

The Best Nursery Decor Ideas When a new born arrives into a family, parents are brimming with ideas on how to do up their little angel’s room. Decorating a baby’s nursery can be a bit confusing as it is difficult to gauge a young infant’s likes and dislikes and the colours that would appeal to him/her. In such cases, it is best to go with your instincts and decorate the nursery with these ten basic tips.

The Decor

If you have been blessed with a baby girl, do up her room in pink. Do it up in blue for boys. Clichéd as it sounds, pink and blue go well with a nursery. Place a soft oriental rug in white on which your baby can play as he/she grows up. Place a few coloured pictures of young babies and stuffed toys. Do incorporate an alphabet board which has the names of fruits, flowers and animals that go with each alphabet. Have soft flowery curtains in pink or blue. The wall papers can be done up in lighter hues of pink and blue.

The Furniture

Let the baby’s nursery be devoid of furniture with sharp corners and edges. Place a series of wooden shelves against a wall which will hold the baby’s soft toys, toys and other gifts. Do make space for his/her book collection which will build up over the years. Include a small table and chair on which the baby can sit in during his/her toddler years. Have cots in white which will serve as a nice contrast against the muted pink or blue. Keep the other furniture also white. Include a chest of drawers which will hold all of baby’s clothes.

For Twins

If you have a twin boy and girl, place identical cots in different colours. Include two dressers and have a funkier colour theme in 2-3 muted colours like soft blue, pink or beige.

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The walls can be done up by putting up multi coloured frames in different shapes and sizes to give a funky look. The wall papers can also have layered stripes in grey and white or pink and blue as a different theme.

The Cribs

The cribs should be fairly spacious and large with sturdy wooden barriers. Make sure that you have the wherewithal to decorate the crib with trimming and hung musical toys. The bedding should be soft with small cushions and cuddly woollen quilts. Place a couple of stuffed toys which the baby can hug while he/she sleeps.

Other Accessories

Do spend some money on equipping your nursery with a walker and a tiny baby gym in which he/she can play in.

Rugs and Carpeting

For young kids and babies soft, luxurious carpeting is now available in teddy bear and animal patterns. These will give the room a soft appeal and will adequately cushion your baby as he/she plays.


Make sure that the nursery is well lit during the day and has a soft night lights to help baby sleep comfortably in the night.


Your nursery can have a functional bathroom with a potty and a baby bath tub where baby can splash around during his bath. As he/she grows, an inflatable swimming pool can also be incorporated in the bathroom or in the nursery for the baby to play in.

The sky is definitely the limit when it comes to decorating your nursery. The above tips should give you a fair idea of how to start. Do feel free to add variety and texture to the nursery with your own ideas.

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