5 Best Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Best Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Some of the most appealing and sought after eyes in the world are blue eyes. Blue eyes epitomize innocence, femininity and vivacity. Makeup artists all over the world revel in doing make up on blue-eyed women.

Just applying loads of foundation and blush on any and every woman will not give the desired look or bring out her beauty. Make up is an art and the best way to apply it is to study the woman’s individual facial features like skin tone, face frame, structure and the colour of her eyes. This will make the makeup pop and bring a sheer glow to her face. Blue eyes are also the most difficult to highlight. Make up can be tricky if you want to bring out the beauty of blue eyes.

Make Up Tips for Blue Eyes

The best make up for blue eyes is the one, which enhances the depth of the eyes. These colours in makeup help to bring out the natural colour of your eyes. Not all blue eyes are the same. Two women with blue eyes may have very different shades of blue in their eyes and this can go a long way in determining which eye shadow would be most suitable for your face.

Deep Blue Eyes

Deep Blue Eyes Makeup

These eyes have a very sharp, electric blue colour to the extent that they border on purple. The eyes look stunning when worn with darker colours like purple, violets and sharp pinks. Any dark colour will bring out the eyes beautifully. Lighter eye shadows may dull the effect of these eyes. Use the lighter colours only as highlighters.

Medium Blue

Medium Blue Eyes Makeup

This universal blue colour is generally seen in most blue eyes. These eyes can play with light to medium shade eye shadow colours. Extremely dark colours should only be used in conjunction with lighter shades to highlight the crease of the eye or to line the eye.

Light Blue Eyes

Light Blue Eyes Makeup

Light blue eyes are very tricky and it becomes extremely difficult to choose eye shadow for very light coloured blue eyes. Use only medium range colours. Very dark colours will overpower your eyes and too light an eye shadow will make your eyes look dull.

Blue Grey Eyes

Blue Grey Eyes Makeup

Blue-grey eyes change colour during the day especially when you wear different coloured clothes. They can also appear green. These eyes can play tricks with the eye shadow colours you choose so the safest option is to choose an eye shadow colour, which compliments well with the clothes that you are wearing.

Blush and Lipsticks

Blush And Lipsticks For Makeup

Blush and lipsticks are easy to choose when it comes to blue eyes. Dabble in peach and pink blushes to make your blue eyes look pretty. If you are using dramatic eye makeup, keep your lips soft and nude. Go in for coral pink lipsticks or a shiny peach lip-gloss. Medium shaded eye shadows can be brilliantly offset with bright red or brown lips. The options are limitless. With the correct technique and make up expertise, blue eyed women can look alluring and pretty.

Tips For Blue Eyes