The Best Lamps For Bedrooms

Lamps For Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your own private space where you retire for the day. Most people derive a lot of solace and mental equilibrium from their bedrooms and many of us are known to spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. One way of making the bedroom romantic and calming is with the use of lighting and lamps.

Bedroom lamps can change the complete mood of your bedroom, making it look surreal and lovely. Bedrooms also tend to be multi-purpose, where you sleep, work and read. In order to cater to all these purposes, a combination of lamps, which provide accent, ambient and task lighting, are needed.

Lamps For Bedrooms

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The Best Lamps For Bedrooms

Lamps, Which Provide Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the general light of the room provided by natural sunlight and artificial lights in the form of bulbs and lamps. At night, this lighting creates the right aura in your bedroom. Ambient lighting can be given with a wide assortment of lamps and lights. Let us see some of them.

Recessed Lights

These lights are provided in the form of ceiling ensconces. Choose ones in a soft, mellow yellow, which will give a warm, yet radiant glow to your bedroom. These are fixed straight into the ceiling of your room.

Overhead Lamps

Choose suave and stylish overhead lamps like paper lamps, which give a bohemian look. These can be hung from the wall and are makeshift. You may have to have wiring put on the wall in case you plan to hang these lamps.

Chandelier Lamps

These lamps are in the form of chandeliers. You do not have to splurge on an exotic chandelier. A timeless piece, which is compact and trendy for your bedroom, should cater to your needs.

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Side Table Lamps

Side table lamps are the oft chosen lamps for ambient lighting. These come in the form of wall fixtures, to stand alone, side table lamps. Choose exotic lampshades for your lamps, which match well with your decor.

Lamps For Bedrooms

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Dimming Lamps

These lamps come with a dimmer switch that helps you to tone down the intensity of the light and brighten it at your whim.

Task Lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting is used in order to do a particular task like grooming, dressing and reading. Let us see the lamps used for task lighting.

Mounted Lamps

These lamps are mounted on the wall behind the bedpost and give you task lighting when you want to settle down with a good book to read. This light is essential, especially when the ambient lighting is dim or not enough. Choose lamps with baffles so that the lighting can be adjusted directly over your book without disturbing your partner.

Dressing Lights

Your dressing table can be fitted with recessed lights to give a warm glow to your face. Alternatively, use an overhead bulb, which will fulfil your dressing needs. Closet lamps in the form of ceiling bulbs may be needed in your closet to help you dress.

Lamps For Bedrooms

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Accent Lights

Accent lamps are needed in the bedroom if you have a particular design feature that you want to highlight. Showcase lamps can be wall mounted over an exotic piece of art or an interesting sideboard to give out accent lighting.