6 Best Japanese Garden Designs

Best Japanese Garden Designs

Japanese garden themes are some of the most beautiful in the world and are renowned for their intrinsic beauty and ethereal allure. The beauty of Japanese gardening is the culmination of rocks, sand, water along with plants, flowers and the natural environmental beauty.

Unique landscapes are created which depict a theme, for example, gardens will create a running stream with rocks and waterfalls within a confined space. ‘Shakkei’ or borrowed view is a concept, which uses the existing plants and scenery to supplement the garden.

The Best Japanese Garden Designs

Japanese Tea Gardens

Japanese Tea Garden Design

These are also called as ‘roji’. This is not a typical tea garden but has the following typical features, toro (lantern), stepping stones, a water point in the form of a basin called tsukubai (ablution basin) where the guests purify themselves before the actual tea ceremony commences. Stepping-stones and waiting areas have also been incorporated in the tea garden.

Famous teahouses in Japan are enclosed with the tea gardens. This is the place where people get together before they step into the teahouse for the tea ceremony. Tea gardens can also be a part of bigger gardens. Japan has some of the most beautiful tea gardens.

A Courtyard Garden

Courtyard Garden Design

As the name suggests these gardens, thrive in the courtyards of Japanese dwellers. In the ancient times, Japanese merchants had huge storage buildings right next to their residential complexes.

The open area in between them was converted into a small courtyard garden. The garden is also known as ‘ Tsubo Niwa’. The elements of this garden are pretty basic with the usage of shade resistant plants and shrubberies.

Strolling Gardens or Tsukiyama

Strolling Garden Design

These are large public gardens, which are beautifully and vividly landscaped. The landscapes may use rocks, hillocks, riverbeds, streams and waterfalls. Some of them are intrinsically for leisure and have been converted into public parks.


Karensansui Garden Design

This garden uses very little of plants and shrubbery and more of rocks, gravel and sand. Water is amply used to create streaming rivulets and waterfalls. This garden is based on the zen-buddhist doctrine.

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Pond gardens

Pond Garden Design

These are gardens which are meant for viewing from a river source. Typical pond gardens use overhead bridges made from wood and stone where people can walk and view the surrounding water.

The Important Aspects

Path Garden Design

Japanese gardens are known for their tranquillity, are often frequented because of their ability to calm, and de-stress the mind. Most of these gardens are used for recreation, contemplation and to uniquely display unusual plant and rock species. The Japanese use a lot of plants in their landscaping, notably flowering trees and tall shrubs that give the garden an evergreen look. Water sources and little hillocks have often been created to depict the Japanese surroundings as prevalent in ancient times. The paths and ways into the garden are not straight but often meandering. Stone lanterns are used in the gardens and they depict the illumination of life’s pathways. Several countries boasting of Japanese history have now reformed these areas and converted them into Japanese sanctuaries and gardens.

Japanese Garden Design