The Best Home Remedies For Infants

Home Remedies For Infants

Home Remedies For Infants Young babies and infants suffer from a host of minor medical problems like colds, diarrhea, colic and gas. While these are not serious, they can make your baby excessively cranky and irritable. You need not rush to the doctor at the very first signs of infection but can treat these common infant problems with the help of some simple home remedies.

The Best Home Remedies For Infants

For Colds

Most infants suffer from olds at some point in their lives. The typical symptoms of cold are sneezing, runny nose, congestion and difficulty in sleeping. Unless the cold is very severe and accompanied by fever, the child should be treated at home.

Sit with the infant in a bathroom in which a hot shower is running. The steam from the shower will help to open the infant’s nasal passages. Make sure the baby is not directly exposed to the hot water.

Avoid the use of eucalyptus oil as the baby’s nose and skin is very sensitive. Alternately, you can administer saline drops in the infant’s nose to clear his/her nasal passages.

Home Remedies For Infants For Cold

Keep the infant sleeping in a semi reclining position. This will help the nasal passages to open up and allow him/her to breathe easily. Give the baby plenty of hot fluids like chicken soup and warm milk. You can also add a pinch of turmeric in the milk to clear the baby’s throat.

For Gas and Colic

Some babies suffer from gas and colic especially in their first three months when their digestive systems are very immature. The symptoms are crying, whining, loose stools and hardening of the stomach. It is important to treat the gas as this can cause acute pain and discomfort for the baby.

One of the simplest and most effective home remedies for colic and gas is the use of asafoetida. Heat some water in a cup until it is very hot. Add half a teaspoon of asafoetida in this water.

For Gas and Colic

Apply this liquid on the baby’s stomach and abdominal area with the help of a cotton ball. Make sure the solution is hot but not so hot that it scalds the baby’s skin. This will give the baby immediate relief from colic. Another remedy is to give the baby a few sips of water that has been infused with carom seeds. This helps to clear the baby’s tummy and prevents the development of colic.

For Toothache

Toothache, itching and irritability in the gums is very common in teething babies. The best solution is to buy teething rings from the market and put them in the freezer. Give the baby these teething rings to chew on. The cold teething ring will help to soothe the baby’s gums and give him/her instant relief.

Infants For Toothache

Another remedy is to grind a few mint leaves and make a paste with water. Apply this paste onto the infant’s gums to give him/her relief from pain. The minty sensation helps to soothe the baby’s gums.

For Constipation

A lot of infants also suffer from constipation. This is very common in babies who have been introduced to solids. The digestive system takes time to get used to the new food and may lead to a cessation in the passage of stools. One of the best remedies for constipation is to breast feed the child for as long as possible.

Formula milk should always be given with boiled and purified water. A relaxing massage may also help to ease the constipation. Make sure you massage the baby’s tummy with warm oil in soft and circular motions.

Infants For Constipation

This may allow circulation and the baby may just pass stools.  Exercise the baby’s legs by moving them up and down in a cyclic motion. This to helps to ease constipation.