6 Best Fruits For Diabetics

Best Fruits For Diabetics

Diabetics are severely restricted in their choice of fruits and vegetables. Sugary fruits and starchy vegetables can raise the blood sugar levels and lead to hyperglycaemia. Most doctors recommend a low glycemic index diet for diabetes.

Low glycemic index foods release sugar in the blood very slowly, thus reducing sudden spikes in the blood sugar levels. Diabetics can take solace from certain fruits, which are excellent for their health and can be had on a daily basis.

The Best Fruits For Diabetics


Avocadoes To Reduce Diabetics

This fruit is a powerhouse of energy and is known to be loaded with anti-oxidants, which destroy cancer producing free radicals. They are good sources of vitamin A, B and C. They are high in protein and are not very sweet. Although they are creamy in texture, they are known to improve the functioning of insulin in the body, thus reducing the overall blood sugar levels of the body. They contain vital potassium that is needed by hypertensive and diabetic patients. They also help to increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body.


Cherries To Reduce Diabetics

Cherries are small red fruits that are high on fibre and anti-oxidants and very low on sugar. Thus, these fruits are recommended for diabetics because of their low glycemic index. The fruit helps to stimulate the production of insulin from the pancreas, which makes the person less resistant to insulin in the body. They are also low on calories and are metabolized in the body faster. They can be had in large portions, as they are low on sugar.


Grapefruit To Reduce Diabetics

Grapefruit is one of the popular citrus fruits, which has high levels of immunity boosting vitamin C in it. It is known to improve the digestive system and remove the harmful toxins from the body especially in the case of diabetics. This fruit can be easily incorporated in the diabetic diet plan because of its low glycemic index. It also contains high levels of pectin, which reduces the blood sugar in the body. A fist size portion of grape fruits can be had 2-3 times a day.

Acai Berries

Acai Berries To Reduce Diabetics

Acai berries are a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that raise the good cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease. Since diabetes affects the blood circulation of the body and leads to cell deterioration, men and women are both prone to developing heart disease. The fatty acids in these berries protect the heart from disease and damage.

Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd To Reduce Diabetics

While this is not a fruit, bitter gourd takes the number one spot in maintaining optimal blood sugar levels. It helps the cells to absorb the sugar from the blood and metabolize it, thus reducing the incidence of insulin resistance.


Apples To Reduce Diabetics

Apples are a universal fruit, and are highly recommended for people of all ages, ailments and sizes. They have complex carbohydrates and are high in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and fibre. One apple a day can help to control sugar cravings experienced by diabetics. It is an excellent mid-morning snack and can be had in between meals.