The Best Fire Safety Tips For Kids

fire safety advice for parents

fire safety advice for parents Hearing that a child has sustained severe burns or perished in a fire is upsetting. To know that the fire occurred due to mismanagement and careless handling and knowing that it could have been prevented is even more disturbing.

You need to fire proof your house to prevent possible fire hazards with the help of some of these tips.

Fire Safety For Kids

Flame-Resistant Clothing

Always buy flame resistant clothing for the baby whether it is for outdoors or for sleeping at night. Avoid nylon and synthetic garments, which catch fire easily. Stick to cotton clothing only.


Ban smoking from the house. Not only are the fumes harmful for the baby, but it can also create a potential fire hazard. If somebody smokes, make sure they dispose of the cigarette butts in a manner where the baby cannot get at them. Empty ashtrays immediately and make sure that cigarette butts are thrown out of the house immediately. Do not permit anyone to smoke in the bed or while sleeping on the sofa. Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of babies.

Keep the House Paper Free

Dispose of all old newspapers, rags and rubbish which has accumulated in the house. These are all combustible substances should your house catch a fire.

The Use of Kerosene

Avoid using kerosene in the house whether it is to cook or to remove spots and stains. Not only is this inflammable but also poisonous if ingested.


Never let adults or babies venture into flammable areas like heaters, fire places etc with long training garments or sleeves that can accidentally catch fire. Keep candles out of the reach of babies where they cannot get at them.

fire safety for children

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Blow out all candles before you reach the room. Garden lights and Christmas tree lights should be high enough so that the child cannot get at them and pull them down.

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Bulbs and Lights

All bulbs, CFLs and halogen lights should be covered with a shield. They can get hot and if the child touches them, they can get a severe burn.

Check your Electrical Circuit

Make sure your entire electrical circuit is checked for fuses and short circuits. Replace all old sockets with new plug points, which could be a potential fire hazard. Periodically check the circuits attached to the geyser, AC and the oven as they consume the maximum amount of power and are highly prone to short circuits. Loose wires should be nipped in the bud.

Fire Extinguishers

Place fire extinguishers in places, which are fire prone like the kitchen or the fireplace. Make sure they are suited to your house. Get them periodically serviced and checked. Install fire and smoke detectors where necessary which give out an alarm at the first sign of smoke or fire. Install rope ladders on all upper windows to help adults and children to escape from them. Teach young children how to use them.

Teach evacuation strategies to everyone in the house and give details of important phone numbers like the police or the fire station. The fire department should be called as soon as possible in case of a fire.

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