The Best Diets Plan For Babies


You really do not need to count calories to ensure whether your baby is getting enough or not. You can effectively gauge this by seeing your baby’s size. If the baby is getting obese, cut down on calories. Boost the baby’s calorific intake if the baby is too skinny or seems thin.

While a baby gets most of its calories from breast milk or formula, you will need to start supplementing this with solid food once the baby has turned six months of age. Here is an ideal diet plan for young babies.

Best Diets Plan For Babies


A large number of the baby’s proteins are got from the mother’s milk. However, once the baby has crossed the 6-month mark, complex proteins will be required in the form of tofu, cottage cheese, dals and poultry.


Give this to the child in the form of gruels, dals, chicken soup, mashed cottage cheese and vegetable soups.


Infants and babies can never have enough of calcium. Beside’s mother’s milk and formula milk make sure your baby is getting enough calcium in the form of cheese, cottage cheese and yoghurt.


Most babies love yoghurt. You can make the yoghurt into a fruit smoothie and give it to the baby.

Complex Carbohydrates

These come in the form of whole grains, which give the baby calories and essential vitamins and minerals as well as some protein.

Complex Carbohydrates

You can start to give the baby cereal, whole grain bread, and oats if the baby can digest it, semolina and brown rice. Once the baby has started teething, whole-wheat pasta becomes an interesting option.

Green Leafy and Yellow Vegetables

Vegetables like spinach, carrots, beans, apricots and mangoes are essential for the baby as they give him/her the vital vitamin A and iron. You can add spinach to the baby’s cereal or give him/her soup, which has beans and carrots added to it.

Green Leafy and Yellow Vegetables

Feed the baby some mango when it is in season. Babies love mangoes and this can also be given to them in the form of a fruit smoothie. As the baby starts to move towards finger foods, ripe fruit can be served in cubes.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C fruits need to be given in the form of limejuice, orange juice, mango and cauliflower.

Vitamin C

Most babies cannot digest whole citrus fruits so it is better to give them a vitamin C supplement after consulting with your doctor.

Other Fruits

Other Fruits

Your baby will do well by eating bananas, apples and sweet potatoes pureed or mashed as deemed fit.

High Fat foods

A void giving the baby fatty and greasy food like fries and oil laden snacks.


Stick to healthier form of fats like cheese, cream and full fat dairy. Give these in moderate amounts.


Go slow on the salt. Most babies can do without excessive salt, as their young kidneys are still not well equipped to handle the salt. Use minimal salt in their foods.



Give the baby plenty of fluids in the form of milk, water and juices. Increase the quantity of fluids especially in hot and sultry weather.