The Best Communication Tips For Couples

You may be smart, suave and professional but the true essence of any relationship is the ability of people to communicate with one another effectively. Communication break-down is one of the biggest reasons for marriages breaking up. Most couples complain that there is no conversation in their relationships.

True conversation is not about mindless chatter. It is about empathetic and compassionate listening. The quality of relationships is determined by the ability to communicate within a relationship. If people don’t talk there will be little understanding and insight into the other person’s likes and dislikes.

For effective communication to occur, there are two aspects, speaking and listening. They are both indispensable and integral to one another.

Here Are Some Communication Tips For Couples

Eye Contact

When talking, make eye contact. The same holds good when you are listening. It gives the other person the indication that you respect his/her opinion and are interested in what he/she has to say.


Speak in a clear,concise manner.Don’t be too abrupt or too verbose.Your speech should be reasonably concise and to the point.

You should be able to communicate your point of view in a factual manner.Avoid being loud. Don’t holler or scream when you are talking. At the same time maintain a soft and polite tone when talking to others.


Listening is truly an art. A lot of people love to talk but are poor listeners. Conversation is not just about being heard but also being amenable to the other person’s point of view.

An important aspect in listening is feedback.Give the other person affirmations that you understand what they are saying.Talking about yourself when you need to hear or moving onto another topic, can be disastrous to the conversation.

People who change the focus to themselves are conversation stealers.They don’t leave an impression and they don’t last too long in a relationship. Never interrupt when the other person is talking and don’t get defensive or accusatory.


Make an effort to converse in a manner that engages your partner.Speak in a language that both of you  understand and relate to. When two people connect what they essentially mean is that they understand each other’s language and have the prowess to interpret what the other person is trying to say.

Be Worldly Wise And Street Smart

Knowledge is power so arm yourself by being updated about current events. Text book knowledge though is sadly not enough. One should also have insights about the ways of the world.

Hone your skills through professional pursuits, work-shops and clubs where you get to meet and engage with people. Everyone one wants to date a partner who is intelligent, street savvy and can hold his own in any conversation.

Have Good Role Modes

There are some people who rank very high on the popularity charts. They have an uncanny knack and finesse in keeping other people enchanted and mesmerized with their communication skills.

They are adroit conversationalists and are adept at handling acrimonious situations. They have a large circle of friends who look up to them and admire them. Take a leaf from their note books and model their communication styles.

What is it that sets them apart from the rest? Make an effort to adopt their styles and soon you will find that you are able to effectively communicate your needs, desires and anxieties, not only with your partner but with other people as well.