The Appletini Drink Recipe

The Appletini Drink Recipe
If you are a tippler and love apple juice, Appletini is for you. Appletini or Apple Martini is a cocktail made primarily by alcohol. It is fancied by many stars, including Mark Zuckerberg and Alan Harper. Appletini is a perfect blend of alcohol and apple brandy. The apple brandy can be replaced by apple cider, apple juice, apple schnapps or apple liqueur.

If apple cider or apple juice is not available, Cointreau can be added in its place. You may also add vermouth, an aromatized wine to which distilled beverages and botanicals including roots, spices and herbs are added, to make your cocktail palatable.

How Is Appletini Good For You?

Appletini is preferred during summers. The apple juice used in it is good for your intestine. So it not only fights constipation, but also eliminates the chances of kidney and liver disease. Furthermore, it helps in reducing the risk of asthma. By substituting the ingredients, you can make a variety of Appletinis.

Reducing The Risk Of Asthma

What Are The Types Of Appletinis?

It may be Rumpletini in which, vodka is replaced by light rum. Sour Apple Martini is another type of Appletini, which you can prepare by adding Splash of Lime Juice in place of Cointreau. If you add a half shot of pineapple juice rather than using Cointreau, you can make Pine Apple Martini. Classic apple Martini is the fourth type. If you don’t know how to make Classic Appletini, no need to get gloomy. Here is the recipe.

Lime Juice

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What Are The Ingredients You Will Need To make Appletini?

You will need the following ingredients to make the potation.
Sweet vermouth.
40 ml of vodka or gin (as per your preference).
schnapps or apple syrup 80 ml.
10 ml dry vermouth.
a green apple slice for garnishing.

Step-By-Step Instructions To Make Appletini:

In the beginning, cut or rather skewer the green apple from the mid so that you get two sections. You will now be able to see 5 point star. Dip the green apple slice in 7-UP else it will oxidize and turn brown. This way you’ll be able to garnish the drink better. Take sweet vermouth and mix it with dry vermouth. Now, add 40 ml of vodka or gin to it. Put vodka in lesser quantity if you loath to have alcoholic drinks. Subsequent to adding right amount of alcohol, add 80 ml of schnapps or apple syrup to it.


Prefer adding green apple vodka rather than regular vodka for a better taste. To make it greener, add schnapps or apple syrup in excess. Pour the blend in cocktail shaker to mix it well. Meanwhile, put ice cubes in the martini glass. It is the time for you to put the drink in your martini glass. You have now prepared classic apple martini. You can fill the remainder with 7-UP so that you to get bubbles in the glass. Don’t forget to garnish your Appletini with green apple slice to make it look compelling.

Green Apple
After drinking this summer drink, you will be thrilled to bits.