Ten Natural Make Up Tips To Look Perfectly Beautiful

makeup tips

makeup tips Makeup is a highly ill defined term. Most of us assume that its primary purpose is to hide our natural looks and make us appear good looking. On the contrary, make up is meant to bring the best of our looks in front of the world.

It is supposed to highlight our attractive features and make us look ‘even more beautiful’ (for all of us are beautiful in one way or the other)! However, for this one needs to know the point where a line should be drawn while applying makeup on the skin.

Too much makeup makes your face look artificial, while makeup that has been applied in a balanced way makes you look gorgeous. Therefore, you should know the tips using which you can always make your make up look ‘natural’.

Tips to Apply Natural Makeup

Maintain the Health of Your Skin

If you wish to make your makeup look natural, the first step would be to ensure that your skin is healthy. Make sure that you eat a balanced diet that is nourishing for your body; and keep all the junk foods at bay.

Keep the Skin Clean

In order to ensure that your makeup looks natural, the next step would be to keep the skin clean and free from impurities. This can be done by regular cleansing, exfoliating, and toning of the facial skin.

Moisturize Your Skin

 At the same time, it becomes equally essential to keep your skin moisturized so that the skin remains soft and smooth. moisturize your skin Always remember that well moisturized skin has a glow and radiance, which is unsurpassed by any kind of makeup.

Treat the Skin Issues (if any)

Not all of us are blessed with blemish free skin. Therefore, if you have any skin related issues, it should be your priority to get them treated. A blemish free skin requires no hiding and can be the focus point of any gathering.

Lay the Right Foundation

 Foundation happens to be a girl’s best friend when it comes to makeup, but it can turn into your worst enemy if you are not careful in choosing the most suitable foundation color. The correct foundation shade would be the one that would merge with your skin and would not be apparent to the eyes. In case your choice of foundation color goes wrong, you could end up having a yellow face or that masked look.

‘Conceal’ Those Lines and Blemishes

 An important aspect of applying natural makeup is concealing all the lines, wrinkles, marks and     blemishes on your face. You can use a cocealer for this purpose. In case you have dark circles, the concealer should be used to lighten them as well. However, make sure that you merge it with your skin tone properly and don’t over apply it such that those who look at you find you having an artificial look instead of a natural one

Coat Foundation with Powder

To make your makeup look natural, use translucent powder on top of your foundation. This would make your foundation stay for long and would make it appear makeup free. foundation for beauti However, don’t forget to merge the powder carefully along the neck and back, so that your natural skin color doesn’t appear dull in comparison to it.

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Useful Tips For Make Up

Use Cosmetics Sparingly

The next step towards achieving a natural look with your makeup would be to apply your makeup with immense care. Remember that there is a fine line to cross when you apply and over apply makeup. Therefore, mind the movement of your brushes as you apply the cosmetics on your face. Try to keep the makeup as sombre and soft as possible.

Concentrate Less on Eye Highlights

For a natural look, you need not define your eyes too much. Keep the eyeliner close to the lash line so that it is not very broad. Also, don’t make your eyelashes too broad with the mascara. eye makeup In fact, if your eyelashes are already thick, then you can omit using the mascara on them. As for the eye shadows, use colors that complement your skin tone and not your outfit.

Choose the Lip Color Wisely

When trying to achieve a natural makeup look, the most suitable lip color for you would be the one, which you see when you press your fingertips. You can even apply lip-gloss of any color to achieve this look. However, make sure that your natural beauty is not submerged under its effect!

These ten tips would ensure that you get the natural look for your face conveniently and quickly. Still, the mantra for it is that your original facial beauty and glow should be enhanced by the makeup that you apply and not drowned under the impact of overpowering cosmetic tones!