Ten Natural Home Remedies For Hair Growth And Nourishment

hair growth Hair often remains the most neglected part of the body. Being the most delicate of all, it tends to suffer the most with every kind of change. Whether it is a change of place, diet, exercise regime, hormone imbalance or even weather and ill health, the hair bears the brunt most of the times.

Although health problems are often registered with marked hair shedding, it sometimes could even signal poor hair hygiene or nourishment. To ensure that the trouble is just at the scalp level, you need to take care of your hair.

For this, you need not splurge on expensive over the counter hair care products or pop pills mindlessly. It is always safe and effective to resort to natural hair care remedies, which not just add nourishment, but also boost growth. In order to know more, just follow these natural beauty tips for hair growth and nourishment, which you will easily find in your kitchen shelves.

Best Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Eggs Add Protein

Hair requires protein, which is essential in building the amino acid blocks. Hence, it is crucial to feed the body with appropriate dosage of protein. While you consume protein by way of eggs, using it externally, to strengthen or nourish the hair follicles will also be a good idea. Apply egg yolks with a brush on the scalp and leave it on for an hour.

eggs Shampoo as usual. Eggs not only add nourishment, but they prevent hair from shedding and impart a healthy shine to the mane.

Oiling Boosts Blood Circulation

Have you ever felt jealous of your grandmother’s or mother’s lustrous locks? Well, if you are wondering the key secret to that lustrous hair, then you simply need to start oiling your hair. Oiling has remained an age old ritual for hair. Whether it is good old coconut oil or mustard oil or almond oil, any oil does well to the hair. Oiling brings in massage, which in turn helps in opening the pores and boosting the air and blood circulation into the hair roots. This action strengthens the hair and allows the hair roots to feed in the goodness of the oil. Regular oiling before shampoo always does good in keeping the hair healthy and shiny.

Use Curd For Shine And Dandruff

curd Curd is very good for a healthy and germ free scalp. People, who usually complain of dandruff or other scalp irritations, should use curd on their scalp. When used twice or thrice in a week, curd helps in getting the scalp rid of dandruff causing bacteria and other scalp infections. Curd is even believed to be a shine booster.

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Lemon Juice Fights Dandruff

Lemon juice, when added either with oil or curd, also helps in curbing dandruff. The acidic action of the lemon juice, when mixed with something, turns a little mild on the scalp and does not dry the scalp. The anti bacterial and antiseptic properties of the juice often help in keeping the scalp free of infections.

Dandruff or excess sebum usually suffocates the hair follicles, blocking air and other nourishment to seep in. This causes weakening of hair roots and results in hair loss. Lemon juice or curd, helps in controlling the excess sebum secretions of the scalp, thereby keeping the scalp clean and allowing the hair roots to breathe.

Henna is a Wonder Drug For Hair

Henna can be called a one stop solution for all hair problems. Whether it is hair fall, dandruff, scalp irritations, conditioning, coloring or shine, the leaf of this wondrous herb does everything at one go.

Using the paste of these leaves either alone, or mixed with curd and eggs can be fruitful for the hair. Leave it on for an hour before shampoo. Using the henna paste once in a week is a good way of restoring health and shine to hair. However, many people complain of it being a little cold, so avoiding the paste during winters or monsoons may be good.

henna Try and leave it on during sunny days. If you do not want the color, then oiling your hair, prior to applying henna, will help in preventing the reddish tinge. Boiling the leaves of the herb in any hair oil is also a good way of adding a dark tinge to the hair. The concoction should be strained, cooled and kept in an air-tight container for longer use.

Black Tea For Added Shine

Black tea or tea without milk is a good source of antioxidants. The antioxidants help in flushing the toxins out of the system. Apart from consuming the drink, the brew is an effective remedy for adding shine to limp and dull hair. Use the cooled concoction of black tea to rinse your hair. The tea not only adds shine, but even adds a dark tinge to the hair. Using the black tea rinse, on every alternate wash , is a good remedy to bring in shine to the otherwise dull and lifeless looking hair.

Amla Cleanses The Scalp

Indian gooseberry or Amla is known as a potent hair cleanser and hair supplement. Use a paste of amla powder with a little curd and apply for half an hour before washing your hair. Cleansing the hair with dry amla powder is also a good way of restoring scalp health. Amla adds nourishment, cleans the scalp of infections and adds volume to the hair.

Amla Drink It may cause dandruff by drying the scalp, so oiling the hair before using the herb, might help in preventing dryness.

Reetha Brings in Good Health

Another cleanser for hair, Reetha is known to add shine and volume. It also remains an effective cleanser for the hair. Make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with your eyes as they tend to cause a lot of irritation. The powder can be used as a paste with Amla or simply alone while washing the hair.

Shikakai Boosts Growth

shikakai Shikakai is a cleanser that froths and bubbles, when in contact with water. It is rich in Vitamin C and D and several other micronutrients, which nourish the hair from roots to tips. Being low in pH, the herb helps in maintaining a healthy pH environment of the scalp and keeps infections at bay.

Fenugreek Seeds Prevent Hair Fall

Fenugreek seeds, when powdered and used as a leave-on paste for hair, serve as an effective way to treat hair fall. It provides natural proteins to the hair and also stimulates blood circulation into the hair. Apart from this, it is a remedial herb for hair thinning, dandruff and damaged hair.

There is no shortcut for hard work and the same goes for those lustrous locks. If you want to have healthy and nourished hair, you will have to make efforts for restoring the same. Try the above mentioned natural hair care tips and you will soon love your hair. Though the above mentioned beauty tips will require some effort, but they will save you the trouble of splurging a fortune, on expensive hair care products.