Tasty Drunken Chicken Recipe

The drunken chicken recipe is a traditional oriental recipe from shanghai in which the chicken is seeped or cooked in traditional sherry or rice wine and hence the name drunken chicken. There are several ways to make this recipe.

Drunken Chicken Recipe

The traditional form of Chinese cooking uses whole chicken, which is steamed in water and the broth, can be used to make delicious soup as well. An easier way to do is to simply steam the cut pieces. The drunken chicken is normally served as an appetizer and had cold. Here is a simple and tasty way to make delectable drunken chicken. The recipe serves 4.

Cooking time – 30 minutes
Calories per Serving – 230 calories

Ingredients For Drunken Chicken Recipe

1.5 kgs of skinned, whole chicken. Choose chicken with medium to dark coloured flesh for added flavour.
1 table spoon of salt
½-tea spoon freshly ground black pepper
1 Tea spoon of freshly ground white pepper
1-inch ginger juliennes
6 spring onions. Use only the greens and make sure you slice them thinly.
1 ½ cup of any good quality rice wine
2 tea spoons of refined sugar.
Ice and water as per requirement.

Method of Drunken Chicken Recipe

Take the chicken and cut it into medium sized pieces or leave it whole as per convenience. Season the chicken with salt, white pepper and black pepper and leave it to stand for at least an hour.

Poaching The Chicken

One easy way of cooking the chicken in this recipe is to use the poaching method. If you are using whole chicken, take the chicken and let it sit in a large earthen pot. Add the ginger juliennes and thinly sliced onions to the pot.

use the poaching method

Now cover the chicken with water such that the water covers the top of the chicken. Add salt. Let the chicken simmer in the water for ten minutes. You will have to lift the chicken from the pot 2-3 times such that it cooks evenly. If you are simply using leg or breast pieces, make sure you redistribute them in the pot such that they cook evenly.

chicken simmer

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Another way of cooking the chicken is by steaming. In this, you will have to place the chicken, ginger and onions in a steamer and steam them for about 30-40 minutes until the chicken close to the bone, is well cooked and tender.

way of cooking the chicken

This is an arduous process as the chicken takes a lot of time to cook. You will also have to shift the pieces constantly such that they cook evenly. Now dissolve the ice cubes in the water.

If you have poached the chicken, make sure you let the chicken reach room temperature. Now dip this chicken into the ice-cold water to shock it. Steamed chicken can be immersed immediately into the ice-cold water.

you have poached the chicken

Once the cooked chicken has been removed from ice, cut it into bite-sized chunks or pieces. In a separate bowl, take the rice wine, salt, and sugar and mix well to form a smooth marinade. Dunk the pieces of chicken into this mixture and let the chicken sit in this marinade overnight. Refrigerate and serve cold.

Dunk the pieces of chicken