Tamarind Rasam Recipe You Must Try Out In Your Home

Tamarind Rasam Recipe You Must Try

Rasam is traditional South Indian vegetarian dish.There are various kinds Rasams. But the basic ingredients required for the dish are common and they are easily available in every where. The cooking method is also very easy and it does not take so much of time. Rasam is mainly served with Idli in the main course dinner or lunch. Tamarind rasam is the most common variety among the rasam and here is the recipe of it. It is basically spiced lentil served with idli in a main course dinner or lunch. You may add boiled vegetable in to it to add a variety to it.

These Are tips To Prepare Tamarind Rasam At Home

Tamarind Rasam


Rasam powder 2 table spoon, tamarind paste /tamarind extract 2 table spoon, water 2 cup, salt to taste, curry leaves 10-15 leaves, coriander / cilantro leaves ¼ cup (chopped), asafetida powdered 1-2 pinch, Oil 3-4 tea spoon, tomato 2, Bengal Gram daal 1 table spoon.



Take Bengal gram dal in a bowl and clean the gram dal with water thoroughly. Now cook the gram daal in water in a pressure cooker until 8-10 whistle blows. Now mash it well with the help of a mixer. Now take a thick bottomed pan for cooking and pour two cup of water into it. Add salt and previously made Rasam Powder into it. Peel the skin of the tomato and cut the tomato into small pieces in dice shape. Let it cook this for a few minutes in this spiced water. When this mixture comes to a boil then gently add tamarind extract/paste and boil for 5 more minutes. Add the cooked gram daal which is already mashed well to the boiling mixture. Boil this mixture again for 5 more minutes. When the rasam starts emitting a very good aroma it is ready. Take a flat pan and heat 1 tea spoon of mustard oil in it. Sauté mustard seeds and curry leaves in oil. When it start to splutter remove the pan from the flame. Pour this oil with the spices over the cooked rasam. Sprinkle 1-2 pinch of asafetida powder on the rasam and turn the flame off. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve Tamarind Rasam.


How To Make Basic Rasam Powder

Rasam powder is the basic ingredient for most rasams. Rasam powder is easy to prepare and only 1-2 tea spoons will do its magic. Here is the recipe of preparation of rasam powder. When it is prepared store it in an airtight container. It will keep the aroma of rasam powder. Rasam powder is also available in market you may use it.

Rasam Powder


Dry red pepper 4, Coriander seeds 2 tea spoons, whole pepper 4 tea spoons, Gram Dal 4 tea spoons, channa dal (chick pea lentil) 2 tea spoon, cumin seeds 2 tea spoons.

Ingredients rasam powder


Grind all of the ingredients into a smooth powder with the help of a mixer. Add 4 tea spoons turmeric powder in to it and mix well. Keep the rasam powder in an airtight container in a cool dry place. It will stay good for months if it is stored in this way.

How To Make Tamarind Paste/ Tamarind Extract In Home?

You can make the tamarind extracts in home. For making it soaks tamarind in water and then squeezes it to take the pulp. Your tamarind extract is ready to use.

Tamarind Paste