Take Care Of Your Hair This Summer With These Wonderul Tips On Hair Care

Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer Hair Care Tips Come summer, and taking care of your tresses needs to take a front seat when compared to other beauty and health regimes!  For neglect or ignorance of your locks can turn out to be quite harmful in the long run with the possibility of your hair losing its shine and texture forever!

Here are some golden rules that most if not all hair care experts swear by when it comes to taking care of your hair during summer. Follow these tips and be rest assured that your tresses remain as beautiful as they naturally are all summer and afterwards.

Certain Truths about Shampoos

You might use a good quality shampoo to wash your hair. However, if you notice your hair becoming dry and brittle even after repeated washes, then chances are that the shampoo that you use may not exactly be doing its job of protecting your hair! The harm in using sulfate based shampoos: Most of us tend to wash our hair more often during the hot and humid summer days. Although this may be considered healthy for our hair, we need to ascertain the fact that constantly subjecting our hair to the powerful detergents present in shampoos (most of them) would leave the former dried out and frizzy.

Avoid this issue by opting for sulfate free shampoos (check the ingredients behind the package) during the summer season. These contain comparatively harmless chemicals that would not harm your hair. Alternatively, if you are using a standard shampoo, mix one part of it with three parts of conditioner and apply the same to your hair when you wash it. The presence of a conditioner will tone down the power of the shampoo and leave your hair healthy and glowing.

Use a Dry Shampoo: Ever heard of dry shampoo? Well, this effective product could very well be your life saver on a bad hair day. These shampoos come in the form of powders stored in spray cans and can add instant volume and shine to dull, flat and greasy hair.

All you need to do is spray the shampoo over your hair. Make sure that you keep the can at least a foot away from your scalp. And spray section wise, against the direction of hair growth. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and then brush your hair lightly with a comb to remove visible powder if any.

Hair Cuts for Curly Hair in the summer season

Of course, we all feel that shorter hair would be much more manageable in the summer. And most if not all of us go in for short bangs in order to keep our hair pretty and out of our face. However, if you have curly (or frizzy) hair, then this would not be the best option for you during a hot summer.

Short bangs on curly or coarse hair will make the latter look shorter than it actually is. And the bangs tend to shrink as well, making it near impossible for you to obtain that sleek look. That is why experts recommend longer bangs for curly hair which can be easily managed.

Drying and Conditioning

If you have naturally curly hair and find it difficult to maintain your curls during summer, opt for a small change in your otherwise regular conditioning routine. Accordingly, mix a small amount of your conditioner with an equal amount of hair gel.

Apply the mixture to your curls (when wet) and let the concoction set in. This way you would notice that your curls are stronger and long lasting; courtesy the holding effects of the gel which combines with the conditioner to give your hair a natural, sun kissed look without compromising its texture or flexibility.

Blow Dry your hair properly: Some of us tend to leave our hair to dry naturally or blow dry the same. While the former would take some time, the latter would guarantee quick results, provided you do it properly.

If you do not blow dry your hair properly, you would notice the frizziness reappearing as soon as you step outside. This condition of hair is generally called pouf, and can be treated by making sure that you blow dry hair from the roots to the ends, and cover your scalp completely in the process.

Hair Colors

Hair colors always tend to be in vogue. However, maintaining the same can become a difficult task during summer. The harmful UV rays of the sun can change even the most durable of all hair colors, leaving you with discolored, lackluster hair.

Hair coloring generally causes dryness which would be more intensified with the sun’s heat. And so, it is best considered that you opt out of hair colors during the summer season and stick to your natural shade.

If you still want to go for a hair color this summer, opt for the ombre hair color trend which simply implies that the roots and the hair near the scalp would sport a darker shade of the color that you choose when compared to the ends. This is a common trend that is extremely popular with plenty of celebrities. So if you want to go in for it, here is what you need to do.

As and when you get your hair colored and step out into the sunlight, cover your scalp with a cap or scarf while leaving the ends free. This way, the sun’s heat would oxidize the color present on the visible portions of your hair, leaving a toned down, lighter look when compared to the darker strands higher up.

Extra Precautions you need to note

Washing your hair in the day time can cause dryness. Alternatively, if you choose to wash your hair in the night (only in the summer season) you would be left with naturally beautiful hair that is easy to maintain and gorgeous to look at.

Accordingly, all you would need to do is shampoo and condition your hair when you wash it in the night. Let your hair dry naturally overnight. Use whatever styling procedure (for example, shine sprays, mineral sprays, curling barrels or flat irons) you want the next day to complete the look with minimal effort.

Keeping your skin covered (or SPF protected) is a must during the summer season. The same goes for your hair which can easily get messed up due to heat, dust, wind, grime etc. Opt for colorful scarves, caps or chignons to cover your hair during summers. In addition to making you look stylish and chic, these options would protect your tresses from the harmful rays of the sun.

Photo Credit: Whatwomenwanttoday.com